Job Description


denfity opportunities for growing the market share in the South Asia region by increasing the trading users base and trading volume in these markets

  • Identify relevant crypto projects for listings on bitget
  • Lead data analysis & insights on users crypto preferences & trading behavior on an ongoing basis
  • Identify relevant marketing & branding collaborations to spread awareness about Bitget in the region
  • Partner with key opinion leaders of the industry and aid with business development in the region
  • Lead marketing campaigns to help improve user retention, TV and churn
  • Run social media/ online events to help grow the community

What Are We Looking For?

If you're a real crypto enthusiast, ready to hustle to learn and grow every single day, this opportunity is for you.

The ideal growth manager is someone who doesn't shy away from experimenting with all things from product partnerships to marketing to crack needle moving ideas for growing Bitget's market share in the reigon

Is a problem solver at heart. Thinks fundamentally. Is strong analytically.

Know the right balance in logic & creativity.

What Can You Expect?

The best learning ground that you can get. We believe in creative ideas & are happy for you to explore everything.

We're meritcratic at heart. We try our best to enable the best performers by all means as a dna.

High ownership & space to lead things end to own

  • Communications Skills
  • Growth Marketing
  • Growth Strategy
  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Marketing
  • On-page SEO
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