Job Description



             1. Responsible for the company's market strategic planning, formulating the company's overall market work plan, and proposing specific directions and implementation plans for marketing, branding, public relations, activities, etc

             2. Effectively construct and develop network marketing resources and promotion alliance system, and be responsible for the expansion of relevant resource partners, media and marketing channels

             3. Track market trends and competing products, summarize and analyze the effects of market promotion, and provide decision-making basis for related departments such as products and operations

             4. Formulate the company's annual marketing expense budget and the marketing department's annual overall financial budget formulation, control, and incentive assessment system, establish and improve the marketing department's work process and system specifications.    


             1. More than 5 years of relevant work experience in the Internet market, with a bachelor degree

             2. Have strong successful experience in marketing, brand image establishment and maintenance

             3. Possess strong data analysis capabilities, able to find core problems through data and derive market strategies

             4. Have strong commercial sense and market insight capabilities, and have a keen user perspective

             5. Good planning, promotion and coordination skills, team management and project leadership skills.

  • Content Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Growth Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
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