Job Description



  1. Be responsible for online activity planning and operation, formulate activity plans, innovate and improve user conversion, and promote cash in and transaction volume
  2. Be responsible for the creativity and implementation of events, monitor promotion effects, continuously optimize and improve data results, and be responsible for the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  3. Explore creative marketing strategies to improve the diversity and effectiveness of online activities
  4. Establish the activity effect analysis system, control the activity implementation process, effect tracking, data analysis, sorting feedback, summary evaluation and optimization adjustment, and complete the activity objectives according to the schedule and quality requirements.


  1. At least 2 years of relevant experience in Internet (blockchain) activity operation, with strong project management ability
  2. Be sensitive to data, be able to formulate and optimize strategies through data analysis, have strong communication skills and good planning ability, and be familiar with the process and crucial parts of the activities
  3. Good driving force and execution, strong project management ability, communication and coordination ability and resource integration ability
  4. Fluent in English listening and speaking.

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Communications Skills
  • Product Management
  • Team Collaboration
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