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About Infura

Infura is the leading infrastructure platform providing scalable and easy-to-use APIs and cloud solutions for blockchain and decentralized application developers. Infura currently offers APIs for Ethereum, IPFS, and other leading decentralized networks, allowing developers to immediately begin building instead of spending time on architecting and maintaining their own infrastructure.

Infura provides developers instant access to decentralized and blockchain networks without the need to sync or understand complicated peer to peer infrastructure. Similar to how one might access a cloud service to alleviate the friction of owning proprietary compute and storage, Infura lowers the barrier to entry for engineers to begin building.

What youll do

Team leads are focussed on delivering excellence in execution. The engineering manager is accountable for delivering projects, prioritizing work for the team, and representing the teams interests as a point of contact. In people management, the team lead will work with engineering directors to coach and develop the careers of the team members. Holding one on ones, identifying and coaching areas for improvement, and strengthening the team as a whole is important to maintaining a high performing team. The team lead understands the big picture, knows how projects fit into the larger context, and can communicate this to the team.

The tech stack is cloud native and largely in Golang. It is microservice oriented and uses a mixture of relational and nonrelational databases. 


Would be great if you brought this to the role

You bring empathy and supportive leadership. You understand that responsible for doesnt always mean doing the task, but delegating the task to the right person on the team. You are product minded and can help represent the engineering perspective when we create solutions. You have a strong background in software engineering and while you may not code everyday now, you have the knowledge it will take to guide the team. You know how software is put together, how to navigate the challenges, and know how to manage trade offs to deliver a project. Basic project management skills are a bonus. While you may not be running scrum ceremonies, knowing how to break up work and deliver a project as a team is an essential skill.

Experience in the technologies used in our webstack is something that will make you successful in this role. While blockchain (and specifically Ethereum and IPFS) experience will be very helpful in these roles, it is not required.

The salary range for US-based candidates only will be determined throughout the interview process depending on experience and skills.

  • Database Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Team Collaboration
  • Team Management
  • Team Training and Development
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