Job Description



  1. Understand the blockchain industry and be familiar with all the working processes of the mining pool. Respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner via daily telephone, email and online chat tools.
  2. Handle and provide feedback on user problems and issue notices in time.
  3. Responsible for community interaction, improving community activity and user viscosity, and promoting community user growth and conversion. Responsible for overseas telegram operations to increase the number and activity of fans.
  4. Statistics and periodic analysis of user information and user access data, establish a customer database, and manage and maintain customers by classification.
  5. Assist the work of other departments.


  1. Full-time bachelors degree or above;
  2. Good customer service experience;
  3. Excellent Chinese or English language skills, strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, able to communicate with overseas users;
  4. Familiar with product structure and related industry knowledge;
  5. Strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, good communication, coordination, and management skills.

  • Client Servicing
  • Communications Skills
  • Team Collaboration
  • Writing
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