Job Description


1. In charge of planning activities for the official Japanese website, and formulating activity goals, strategies, and plans based on the characteristics of users in the Korean region.

2. Facilitates the implementation of activities, controls the overall tone, and is responsible for the final results, including but not limited to the overall planning and docking of design, products, research and development, and other needs.

3. Continuously explore effective campaign gameplay and models to achieve metrics such as acquisition, activation, retention, and increased volume.

4. Provides specific data statistics and operational analysis capabilities to monitor activity data, derive problem insights from the data, and perform optimization and iteration.

5. Pay attention to competitive product dynamics, explore and create activity templates to improve activity efficiency and increase platform user growth and transaction volume growth. 

Job RequirementsJob Requirements:

1. 3+ years of operational experience, experience in blockchain industry and trading platforms preferred

2. Familiar with blockchain assets and sensitive to cryptocurrency market trends

3. Excellent event planning and implementation skills, team coordination skills

4. Sensitive to user data and has high logical ability;

5. Strong copywriting skills, aesthetics, and attention to detail

6. Results-oriented, strong initiative and ability to withstand strong pressure.

  • Business Relation
  • Communications Skills
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