Job Description


What are we looking for?

An experienced Community Lead to be the face of Biconomy, representing our products, brand and values across various platforms and channels to end consumers, developers, and token holders.

You will be responsible for creating and executing community strategies, engaging with our users, and gathering feedback to help shape the future of our products and services.

What will you be doing?

  • Develop and execute innovative community engagement strategies to foster organic growth and active participation.
  • Oversee and maintain community channels, including social media platforms, messaging apps, and professional networks, ensuring a welcoming and informative environment.
  • Craft and curate high-quality content tailored to educate, engage, and entertain diverse audiences within our community.
  • Coordinate and orchestrate a variety of community events, ranging from virtual gatherings like Spaces and AMAs to in-person meet-ups and hackathons.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with internal teams, including product development, broader marketing initiatives, and customer support, to ensure cohesive messaging and efficient communication channels.
  • Monitor and evaluate community performance metrics, extracting actionable insights to drive continuous improvement and capitalise on emerging opportunities.
  • Serve as the primary conduit between our community and the company, offering valuable feedback and insights to inform strategic decision-making processes.

Your experience should include:

  • Demonstrated success in cultivating and overseeing online communities within the crypto/blockchain sphere.
  • Exceptional communication abilities coupled with adept interpersonal skills, capable of effectively connecting with and motivating diverse audiences, each with distinct objectives and preferences.
  • Profound comprehension of community management principles and emerging trends, enabling strategic implementation of best practices.
  • Proven expertise in content creation encompassing writing, editing, and multimedia production, facilitating engaging and resonant communication within the community.
  • Mastery of social media platforms, community management tools, and analytics, ensuring precise monitoring and optimisation of community engagement strategies.

What we offer:

- Work from anywhere (Remote first)- Flexible working hours- Unlimited vacation policy- Competitive Salary with regular reviews- Token Allocation- Opportunity to grow. The sky's the limit if you're hungry to succeed- Be an integral part of building the narrative for the digital economies of the future- Game nights, virtual celebrations, and work retreats

  • Communications Skills
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Management
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