5 Jobs to Start a Career in Crypto and Blockchain Industry

5 Jobs to Start a Career in Crypto and Blockchain Industry

The crypto job market is growing at a rapid pace, opening new avenues of growth for talented professionals in the crypto and blockchain industry. With a wide range of career opportunities available, it can sometimes be overwhelming for fresh graduates to choose the right career path.

Defining the right path is essential at the start of your crypto career. This decision depends on your salary expectations and the type of job (remote, full-time or part-time) you are looking for. It is important to think about these factors before starting the job search in the competitive crypto market.

To make things easy for fresh graduates, we will talk about the top 5 options for starting a career in the crypto and blockchain industry.

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Blockchain Developer or Crypto Developer

Considered one of the highly sought-after roles, blockchain/crypto developer should top your list when looking for a career in crypto. The role involves immersing yourself in designing and executing blockchain-based solutions. You could say you would be the backbone of any decentralized platform/application (DApp) if you decide to become a developer within the niche.

A career as a blockchain developer is extremely marketable and one that you would want to jump on, however, this role is not for everyone, considering its technicalities. You are required to have sound knowledge of C++, Python, and JavaScript and possibly a degree within the field of computer science.

Cryptocurrency Trader

Just behind blockchain/crypto developers in terms of lucrativeness is a career as a cryptocurrency trader. As the name suggests, the responsibilities of a cryptocurrency trader involve buying and selling cryptocurrency and staying aware of the market trends at all times.

Although it seems like a simple job, it requires an individual to be technically equipped to make decisions driven by available data and market trends. As a cryptocurrency trader, you will require some expertise in market analysis, blockchain technology, and financial modelling to be successful as a crypto trader.

Most cryptocurrency traders are also hired by research-based organizations, which often pay them more, nevertheless, you can also be expected to get hired by investors, traders, and financial institutions.

Blockchain Legal Consultant

As a blockchain legal consultant, also known as a crypto lawyer/ legal expert, your position will require you to map out the legalities involved in the world of crypto and digital assets. Like every business model out there, owners of blockchain-based platforms also require assistance in understanding what the consequences of their actions will be and how to meet the legal requirements when doing so.

Considering the borderless world of blockchain, you will need to be well-versed with international laws if this seems like the path you would want to take towards jump-starting a career in crypto. Additionally, you will need to be knowledgeable about smart contracts. Some of the many responsibilities you will be asked to manage as a blockchain legal consultant will be reviewing and drafting documentation, acting as a legal advisor, and navigating the complex regulatory landscape.

Crypto Writer/Journalist

A crypto writer, also known as a technical writer, plays an integral role within the crypto and blockchain industry. From drafting white papers to curating specialized content for website blog traffic, all fall within the realm of a technical writer.

The world of crypto from the eyes of an average Joe can look intimidating to say the least; this is where crypto writers come into play. Hence, this role calls for a strong grip of grammar, and punctuation, and a good hold of vocabulary plays a crucial role. Additionally, knowledge of SEO adds to your value as a crypto writer.

On the other hand, those lacking the technical skills required as a crypto writer can look into the option of a crypto-journalist. A career path in this direction will require a standard bachelor’s in Journalism or Communication. The responsibility of a journalist entails reporting on the latest developments within the crypto/blockchain industry.

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Crypto Community Manager/Moderator

The best career path for those who are into community engagement and are well-versed with platforms like Discord, Telegram, and X (formerly Twitter) is the role of a community manager/moderator (CM). The responsibility assigned to a CM is that of a bridge between the crypto companies and investors.

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Having an understanding of work on TelegramTwitter, YouTube, Discord, and Reddit serves as a great advantage within this role as these are the primary platforms used to connect with the audience. Besides this, having a degree in marketing and a grasp on crypto is sufficient to boost you into this career path.

Final Words

Given the enormity of the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors, it is inevitable that the employment market in these fields will continue to change. Therefore, it is essential to have a calculated approach to your career at the very start and this is where this article can help you. In addition to these trending job roles, there is a plethora of other positions you may choose to start your career, such as marketing associate for cryptocurrencies, blockchain quality engineer, cryptocurrency miner, and cryptocurrency UI/UX designer.

If you are still confused by the complexity of the Web3 job market and what path to take to embark on this journey, then there is no better place than cryptojobs.com to help you out find your first job in this competitive industry.