How to Become a Successful Community Manager in 2024

How to Become a Successful Community Manager in 2024

Community management jobs will be in high demand in 2024. With Web3 companies shifting their focus on building online communities and strengthening their relationship with their customers, the need for community manager jobs is expected to rise. Interacting with customers and building communities are great ways to build brand identities. Increasing customer loyalty becomes easy when companies have someone interacting with their clients every day.

If you are planning on applying for community manager jobs in Web3 companies and want to succeed at it, here is a guide that will help you out.

What Does A Community Manager Do?

Community managers are the representatives of companies and keep the communities engaged for the best results. They are responsible for maintaining and building the organization’s brand identity online as well as offline. A community manager will not only keep the clients engaged but will constantly interact with stakeholders and partners to keep them involved.

They will make use of social media platforms, in-person groups, and online forums to engage the audience. They may also promote a company’s latest products and services. Along with that, they:

  • Reply to customer queries.
  • Stay up to date with marketing trends.
  • Develop and implement social media campaigns.
  • Liaison with social media and marketing teams.
  • Analyze web traffic trends.

This is an ever-evolving position as new tactics and strategies are developed with every passing day. However, one thing remains: community managers have become indispensable for Web3 companies.

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A Guide to Becoming a Community Manager

To be employed as a community manager, you have to meet a few requirements. A fundamental understanding of public relations, social media, marketing, and communication is required for this role. But there are more prerequisites as well.  

Here are some of these requirements that are preferred by Web3 recruiters for community manager jobs.

Get A Relevant Degree

Many blockchain companies and Web3 companies, in general, prefer if their community managers have relevant educational backgrounds. You must have a degree in related fields such as:

  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Journalism
  • English

And once you are done, try to enroll in courses such as HTML, IT, and coding. This will not only add to your skills but also help you when you start your professional role.

Build Your Social Media Skills

You will spend a lot of time on social media platforms in your role as community manager. Many people use sites like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, Discord, and others to communicate with their target audience. Long-term benefits will come from familiarizing yourself with these platforms and learning how to interact with clients there. Additionally, keep up and expand your personal social media accounts so that prospective employers can see how you will perform going forward.

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Improve Your Communication Skills

Community managers need to have excellent communication abilities. The job of a community manager is to communicate in an effective way that is at once memorable and focused on business development without sounding promotional.

Maintaining brand identity online can be a little tough, but with great communication skills, you can do it. For that, you will have to learn non-verbal cues, practice active listening, and rehearse conversations. To improve your communication skills, you should enroll in creative writing courses and read books on writing craft.

Get Certified

While there is no industry-standard certification for community managers as such, getting certified in related fields will help you a great deal. For example, getting a certification in social media management or marketing, content marketing, and branding would really help you out.

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Look into certifications and courses that will develop and build your skills to help you become a better community manager. The opportunity to earn more never ends. In fact, many companies will offer to pay for certifications for their employees if they believe that would help them in the long run.

Develop Additional Skills

You should develop additional skills, as many of these will help you with managing communities online. Since this is an all-encompassing position, you will benefit from gaining skills from different positions and roles. The responsibility of community managers is massive, so the more skills you have, the better you will be for your job.

Some of the most important skills that you should add to your repertoire include:

  • Adaptability
  • Customer Services
  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Project Management
  • Networking


Jobs as community managers are both demanding and rewarding. This position can be ideal for you if you have excellent interpersonal skills and feel most comfortable interacting with people. A community manager typically makes $58K a year. However, with experience and additional certifications, the salary bracket can increase to $92K.

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