Skills of A Good Social Media Manager

5 Skills of A Good Social Media Manager

As more and more people look for crypto jobs, the industry is expanding with an influx of talent from every segment of the global market. The world of digital marketing has changed and diversified thanks to the Web3 companies adding more non-technical roles to their business. An example of such a role is social media manager.

Social media has developed into an effective tool for organizations looking to increase interaction, establish a connection with their target market, and raise brand awareness. In order to fully utilize the potential of many platforms and accomplish these objectives, a competent Social Media Manager is essential.

From crafting compelling content to analyzing performance metrics, a successful social media manager must possess a diverse skill set. Here are five essential skills that set an effective social media manager apart from the rest.

Skill # 1 — Quality Content Creation

If you are planning on applying for jobs for crypto Social Media Manager, you will need to create a lot of quality content. It ranges from long-form articles to shorter social media posts that will go live immediately. Plus, the manager will have to consider the different styles of writing for each of the social media networks.

Posts on LinkedIn tend to be more formal, while content on Twitter or Reddit is lighter. The social media manager’s responsibility is to create brief, easily comprehensible posts that are quick to publish. The content should resonate with the readers, and they should have a favorable impression of the business.

A Social Media Manager represents the firm and is responsible for raising brand awareness. If you want to succeed at these non-technical crypto jobs, you should make sure you add the below-mentioned elements to your social media repertoire:

  • Image and Video Captions
  • Engaging Introduction
  • Structured Content
  • Short and Creative Content

Skill # 2 — Good Customer Services

Believe it or not, customer care is also part of a Social Media Manager’s job. Customers choose social media as the easiest way to get a response from the brand. According to research completed by Khoros, almost half of the clients engage with companies and brands are for the sole purpose of finding solutions for their queries.[1]

In fact, 33% of users on Facebook and Twitter reach out to companies to get answers to their questions. The same remains true for 30% of Instagram users. 50% of Instagram, 47% of Facebook, and 50% of Twitter ( users expect to get a response within three hours of reaching out.

It becomes imperative for Social Media Managers to stay one step ahead of the client’s expectations and provide them with solid social media customer services because it directly reflects on the brand’s image.

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Skill # 3 — Strong Research Skill

While this skill is important for all cryptocurrency jobs, having strong research skills is vital for Social Media Managers. They must stay updated on the current trends in the digital media as well as in the crypto world. This includes staying in touch with the industry, the company competition, and new analytical tools or measurements that are taking over.

The Social Media Manager will also have to keep an eye on the Twitter ( trends sidebar for researching new hashtags and staying on top of trending topics. Of course, you will also have to set up alerts for popular and relevant topics. Some useful tools for alerts on trending topics are:

  • Google Alerts
  • BuzzSumo
  • Ahrefs
  • Feedly

Skill # 4 — SEO Knowledge

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has become an integral part of social media and content marketing strategies over the years. Instead of taking it separately, Social Media Managers working blockchain jobs should incorporate SEO strategies into their social media strategies for the best results.

This will help you attract a wider yet relevant audience to the brand’s products and services. Plus, it increases your potential customer pool, increases your reach, and gives you more room to experiment with. Create posts after conducting thorough keyword research, promote your content with correct SEO practices, and look for traffic-generating ideas.

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Skill # 5 — Social Media Expertise

Lastly, you should have great social media skills! Working jobs in crypto is not easy, especially client-facing positions such as Social Media Manager. You must, therefore, acquire new information through learning, exploring, and experimenting in order to raise your level of understanding.

After a few years, you should feel confident in your abilities and strategy. A Social Media Manager must have a deep understanding of social media analytics, know which types of material perform best on various platforms, know how to optimize content specifically for a given platform, and know which days and times will elicit the highest response from the audience.

On a Final Note

Remember that a successful Social Media Manager is a complex individual who combines strategic thinking with creativity. As they grow, businesses are realizing the need to have a strong online presence, and Social Media Managers have the skills and expertise to help them accomplish these goals.