Job Description


We are looking for individuals who are determined, responsible and collaborative to join BitMEX as we continue to build a thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem. We value attention to detail, speed and simplicity. As a global business operating a 24/7 exchange, we seek out those who are adaptable and can work across markets and timezones.

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We look after the trading technology stack which comprises of matching engine, pre-trade and post-trade applications. We routinely implement new features in areas such as order management, risk checking, position keeping, P&L calculation, derivatives pricing as well as data distribution and settlement. We benefit from a high degree of automation of our daily tasks such as test, build & deploy. This helps us to stay focused on delivering business features.


Key Responsibilities


  • Design, development, maintenance and support of fault-tolerant, containerised distributed system of microservices
  • Implementation of new features/systems within greenfield and brownfield projects
  • Fixing bugs, tuning performance
  • Evaluation of new technologies
  • Collaboration with peers, internal and external users on technical design and direction


You have a curious intellect, outstanding technical skills and an interest in crypto trading. Specifically, you:

  • Possess 7+ years of programming experience, most of it using Java
  • Have experience using SQL or other database technologies
  • Pursue a test-driven development with a high degree of automation
  • Work in a Linux/Docker/Kubernetes environment and have experience tuning it
  • Prior experience with AWS a plus
  • Collaborate across time zones/team boundaries to engineer best possible outcome
  • Use data structures and algorithms to achieve maximum productivity
  • Have a Computer Science/Engineering degree
  • Enjoy evolving an always-on 24/7 technology stack
  • Adapt to changing priorities

Join us, as we build a thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem through strategic investments in emerging cryptocurrency technology, and create the future of digital financial services.

  • C++
  • Database Management
  • SQL
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