Job Description



  1. Participate in the research, planning, design, follow-up and implementation of the product requirements of the blockchain financial derivatives trading platform
  2. Dynamic monitoring and analysis of competing products
  3. Online product data analysis, user research, continuous iteration and optimization of products
  4. Participate in the establishment of derivatives operation system, including data operation, user operation, and event operation. 


  1. Have a strong interest in blockchain and financial derivatives, and be curious
  2. Strong logical thinking ability, communication ability, driving ability and learning ability
  3. Strong internal drive, sense of responsibility, big heart, able to bear greater work pressure and work intensity, not picking up jobsPrefer
  4. Experience in back-end logic design and strategic product design is preferred
  5. Experience in stocks, foreign spot, futures, and blockchain trading is preferred.

  • Communications Skills
  • Logical Thinking
  • Product Management
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