Job Description


What is Praise?

Praise is an open-source reputation and rewards system developed by Commons Stack with the technical help of the General Magic team. Praise fosters a culture of giving & gratitude, rewards contributions from the bottom up, and engages the community throughout the process. After having many successful implementations and clients; including Giveth, the Token Engineering Commons and Gnosis Chain, we are looking to spin off Praise into its own company to help us with our ambitious scaling efforts.Check out our website and docs describing Praise at

Who are we looking for?

We need an entrepreneurial non-technical cofounder to help us raise funding for our successful Praise product, work on business development, help us grow the team (with our support), and work alongside the project CTO to grow Praise into a successful standalone business.

To succeed in this role you must:

  • Have previous fundraising experience (from a past project or startup).

  • Be ambitious and a go-getter to help us accomplish our mission.

  • Be excited about the prospect of scaling an influential product from the ground up.

  • Be financially savvy for budgeting, managing costs and be comfortable with P&L’s.

  • Be a natural connector, looking for opportunities to help our mission grow.

  • Be an exceptional communicator of complex ideas.

  • Be a naturally empathic, supportive and organized team leader.

  • Be comfortable accepting, giving and applying constructive feedback.

  • Maintain a flexible schedule, as our team navigates time zones all over the world.

  • Be fluent in written and verbal English.

  • Maintain confidentiality.

Job requirements and what you’ll be doing

  • Support us in raising our seed round (and any subsequent funding rounds).

  • Applying for grants, funds, accelerators and other fundraising opportunities.

  • Work with the CTO to plan our roadmap (getting feedback from the market).

  • Support the team with business development and looking for new clients and opportunities.

  • Be the face of the Praise product and comfortable talking to clients, basic client relations.

  • Help us grow and manage our team as we sustainably expand.


  • Previous fundraising experience at a startup or successful project (preferably as a cofounder).

  • Experience scaling a startup or project and finding product-market fit.

  • A strong base level understanding of web3 technologies and online communities.

  • Previous web3 & DAO experience preferred.

  • Previous experience with AI/ML preferred

  • Previous experience with reputation systems is a bonus

  • Previous experience with identity systems is a bonus

Pay and Perks

  • Competitive salary, with higher salary available for those with more experience.

  • Additional compensation package of equity and future token launches - reap the rewards of what you help create!

  • Freedom of a flexible work-from-home schedule.

  • Work in the remote location of your choice; ideally between Europe and American time zones.

  • Crypto payment in stablecoins.

  • Flexible vacation time.

The ecosystem of decentralized technology is quickly expanding in Blockchain, Web3, Open Source, and future unknown tools. If you value exponential professional growth and learning about new technologies initiatives everyday while contributing to the greater good; this position is for you. 
We look forward to meeting you and creating the new world of decentralized infrastructure together! Apply here:

  • Business Development
  • Communications Skills
  • Lead Generation
Other Benefits

2500k mo/base more with experience, plus commission

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