Job Description


As Head of Growth at 3Box Labs, youll massively accelerate how we reach, attract, convert, and enable developers and entrepreneurs to build in Ceramics open data ecosystem. You will be directly responsible for marketing and community, captain unified GTM efforts across those functions plus BD & DevRel, and partner closely with Product and Engineering to help us rapidly accelerate our market fit for a highly technical audience and product. You will report directly to founder & Head of Company Danny Zuckerman and join the leadership team. 

Success looks like...

  • Were running multiple experiments per week to generate developer interest and boost conversion. We ship and learn fast (with a mix of data & intuition) to keep improving our ROI and growth strategy.
  • Weve 10xd our top-of-funnel within 12 months, attracting 3000 new developers per week. A constant drumbeat of activity, content and community engagement places us at the heart of conversation & awareness around web3 data.
  • Top of funnel developers are consistently converted into quality customer leads (15 per week), community members (60+ per week), and useful feedback. You work closely with Product to capture feedback and data to refine the DX funnel and with BD to efficiently target and convert leads.
  • Were consistently spreading a compelling narrative that ties our tech to real value and memorable stories. You create great content. Our top customers and partners promote for us and our thriving community drive enviable word of mouth growth and scalable support, with hundreds of developers and dozens of ambassadors active across platforms.  
  • We have a well-oiled GTM motion: tightly coupled with product & engineering delivery, uniting Devrel, BD and marketing efforts, and incorporating new developments from the ecosystem as well as our own core team.
  • You set an incredibly high bar for resourcefulness and quality, internally and with external resources when used. If you expand efforts to include PR, events, brand campaigns, designers, etc. you ensure that new efforts and resources are consistently high quality and ROI.

You're likely a good fit if you...

  • Rapidly develop good hypotheses for action, can run a ton of experiments quickly, and are not fazed by uncertainty. You operate fast and rally teams to operate fast too, while keeping a high bar for quality.
  • Have a track record growing developer products, ideally in web3 or open source, and can quickly become a market expert for cutting edge decentralized data infrastructure. You can keep up with technical developments in conversation, partner effectively with Product & Engineering leaders on roadmap tradeoffs and strategy, and hold your own talking to engineers externally.
  • Have a track record of impressive impact and getting things done. You model resourcefulness, startup scrappiness, and a growth mindset. You are a hungry doer.
  • Have deep experience in at least one growth function (preferably marketing) and are comfortable enough across marketing, community, developer relations, and BD to captain a unified growth effort. 
  • Are a player-coach, moving fluidly between company strategy and detailed execution. You set clear goals and priorities, bring the team focus and clarity amidst uncertainty, and drive great execution & results for yourself and the team.
  • Are personally motivated by our mission to create a more open, vibrant and fair internet built on shared data. 

Salary range: $186-$238K depending on seniority and location. We understand everyone's risk preferences and life situation is different so we can offer flexibility here. Our goal is to extend a fair and exciting offer, while preserving fairness across the team.

  • Growth Marketing
  • Growth Strategy
  • Team Management
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