Job Description


Bitget are a top-tier digital assets exchange platform with over 50 countries' global footprints, and aim to be the portal that transcends Web2 and Web3, connects CeFi and DeFi, and bridges the vast web of crypto.

  • Top 1 platform for copy trading globally
  • Top 5 derivatives trading globally
  • 8+ million registered users
  • 1K+ employees in over 38 countries
  • Provide stable security of A+ ranking for 12 SSL indicators
  • Proof of Reserves - guarantees 100% of users' assets in reserves

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for franchisee management, enhance branding impression, identify and follow up any future business opportunities​ Manage and strengthen relationships with local crypto influencers, connect with them frequently, build partnerships with influencers to acquire users​ Plan and execute online and some offline marketing campaigns, events and campaigns with influencers or media channels​ Expand user base and improve Bitget branding impression​ Design creative ways to identify potential affiliates and acquire users​ Share responsibility for improving business processes - defining/improving, monitoring, and reporting.​ Design and implement go-to-market strategies to drive business growth and facilitate content building and promotion strategies.​ Monitor and evaluate the performance of marketing campaigns through Data Analysis and user feedback, and prepare analysis reports for internal presentations.​ Develop effective marketing and brand communication strategies that ultimately expand our Digital Footprint and branding impression in the local market.​ Contribute to other business development and strategic initiatives.

Job Requirements

Internet celebrity marketing experience or connection to KOLs in the Cryptocurrency space​ Experience building large alliance networks from start to finish​ Solid project management skills and the ability to manage multiple priorities and deadlines​ Understand basic affiliate customer acquisition KPIs and optimization methods to improve performance through Data Analysis and segmentation​ Fluent in English and local languages​ Immediate availability first​ Multi-skilled, quick learner, problem solver, analytical, diligent.​ Have strong documentation and writing skills driven and strategic thinking.​ Able to carry out marketing activities and brand promotion through advertising, advertorial and PR activities.​ Hands-on experience with web analytics tools and digital marketing channels.​ Ability to transform creative ideas into effective advertising projects.

  • Communications Skills
  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Marketing
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