Job Description


Bitget are a top-tier digital assets exchange platform with over 50 countries' global footprints, and aim to be the portal that transcends Web2 and Web3, connects CeFi and DeFi, and bridges the vast web of crypto.

  • Top 1 platform for copy trading globally
  • Top 5 derivatives trading globally
  • 8+ million registered users
  • 1K+ employees in over 38 countries
  • Provide stable security of A+ ranking for 12 SSL indicators
  • Proof of Reserves - guarantees 100% of users' assets in reserves

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for daily localization translation requirements in product iteration and publicity work, and responsible for translation quality.
  • Promote cross-departmental communication and collaboration in the localization translation process.
  • Provide suggestions in the process of product translation, release and operation according to the language characteristics, communication habits and local customs regions, and constantly optimize the localization experience of products.

Job Requirements:

  • Diploma or above
  • Excellent in writing, speaking and reading skills in Traditional Chinese
  • Good expression and communication skills in English
  • Have good team spirit, work hard and have a strong sense of responsibility
  • Working experience in overseas study is preferred
  • Crypto experience is preferred

  • Communications Skills
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