Job Description



  1. Specifically focus on space tech and quantum computing within the broader frontier tech landscape.
  2. Lead the design and organization of hackathons/grants in the frontier tech space, including activities such as event promotion, participant recruitment, judge and mentor invitations, and fostering increased community engagement.
  3. Cultivate and strengthen ties with organizations and communities in the frontier tech sector to enhance our hackathon/grant events. This includes supporting promotion, engaging as co-hosts or sponsors, and exploring additional collaborative opportunities.
  4. Establish partnerships with frontier tech communities and companies, offering our platform as infrastructure for them to host their hackathons/grants.
  5. Develop and execute plans for frontier tech workshops, involving the design, planning, selection of topics, and speaker invitations to enhance our community engagements.
  6. Actively participate in offline conferences and events related to frontier tech.


  1. Bachelor's degree or above.
  2. Full professional proficiency in English; excellent communication and writing skills.
  3. Strong multitasking ability and excellent time management skills.
  4. Team player with strong communication and coordination skills.
  5. Passion for frontier tech such as space tech, quantum computing, etc.

The following will be a plus:

  1. Engineering/Science academic background.
  2. Relevant experience in organizing hackathons or workshops.

Interview Process

  1. Recruiter Call: A brief 15-30 minute discussion to go over your background and the role.
  2. Team Interview: A more in-depth session lasting 45-60 minutes with the team you'll be working with, focusing on your technical skills and team fit.
  3. Final Interview: A concluding interview of approximately 45 minutes that may involve higher-level management or final decision-makers.
  4. All interviews will be conducted via Zoom or Google Meeting, accommodating a fully remote recruitment process to best suit candidates globally.

  • Communications Skills
  • Community Moderator
  • Team Collaboration
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