Job Description


About The Job
We are looking for a Financial Writer to create content that make sense of key concepts in the world of crypto and trading. You will create engaging and easy to understand content that will help readers understand the technical aspects of trading cryptocurrencies.


  • Build and grow your own feed of reliable sources on industry-related news to stay updated on 
    the happenings in the industry.
  • Be the opinion leader in analysing the market yet maintaining neutrality to avoid imparting 
    financial advice.
  • Write well-sourced, thorough and thought provoking articles that engage and educate our 
  • Have and develop sources that provide context and perspective to your educational 
  • Be driven by a constant curiosity to get more and better answers
  • Have a strong command of your subject area and a willingness to learn more.
  • Be diligent about naming primary sources for your content.
  • Meet regular deadlines.



  • 2+ years of work experience in research and producing articles relating to the cryptocurrency 
  • Preferably has vast knowledge and experience in finance, business, crypto, web3 news.
  • The ideal candidate should be personally vested in the cryptocurrency space and has strong understanding of fundamental and technical analysis of the financial markets.
  • Excellent verbal/written communication skills and attention to detail
  • Strong editorial skills and keen sense of what content works well online in crypto, global 
    finance and blockchain.
  • Business English proficiency is a must and working knowledge of another Asian language is 
  • Firm grasp of SEO best practices and how they factor into quality content.
  • Desire to help make people smarter in their financial lives

  • Content Strategy
  • Writing
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