Job Description


Role Summary:

We are actively seeking a highly proficient and accomplished cryptocurrency trader to join our team and contribute to our Discord community, Bit Trading. This role entails the delivery of expert trading calls, conducting live trading sessions, disseminating comprehensive market analysis, and providing prompt responses to community inquiries. The selected candidate will be accountable for generating profitable trading strategies and fostering a dynamic and interactive trading environment within our esteemed community.


  • Post a minimum of 7 calls per week in the premium section with a win rate of at least 60%
  • Post at least 1 call per week in the free section with a win rate of at least 60%
  • Provide weekly interaction in our community chats
  • Conduct live trading sessions for our (premium) members

Required Skills:

  • Proven experience in crypto trading with a successful track record
  • Strong analytical skills to identify market trends and opportunities
  • Familiarity with technical analysis and trading tools
  • Excellent communication skills to effectively share trading insights and answer member questions
  • Ability to handle pressure and make quick decisions

Education and Experience:

  • Proven and trackable track record in crypto trading
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in crypto trading
  • Experience with posting trading calls in a community or group setting

Additional Requirements or Expectations Specific to the Position:

This is a part-time position, and the salary will depend on the experience you have as a trader and the amount of calls you post. You will start as a candidate, and after posting some trades (two weeks probationary period), salary negotiations will take place. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Communications Skills
  • Financial Analysis
  • Investment Analysis
  • Market Trend Analysis

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Business Development
  • Communications Skills
  • Financial Analysis
  • Investment Analysis
  • Public Speaking
  • Strategic Thinking
Other Benefits

The allocation of business shares is contingent upon the extent of value contributed to the enterprise.

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