Job Description


Overview:We are seeking a skilled and knowledgeable Crypto Trader to join our team. This role will primarily focus on collaborating with Community Managers to provide trading insights, market analysis, and educational content for our social media platforms and community engagement. The ideal candidate possesses a strong background in trading, content creation, and engagement strategies within the financial markets.


  • Work closely with Community Managers to provide trading knowledge, market analysis, and valuable content for our social media platforms and community channels.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to develop engaging trading-related content for various social media channels, blogs, newsletters, and other marketing materials.
  • Share trading signals and insights within our community to stimulate discussions and engage individuals on trading-related topics.
  • Generate diverse topics and articles about trading to contribute to the development of our trading academy, catering to various skill levels and interests.
  • Attend events, conduct Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, and participate in engagements to share knowledge, trading experiences, and market analyses with the community.
  • Keep abreast of market trends, news, and updates to provide accurate and timely information to the community.


  • Bachelor's degree in Finance, Economics, Business, or related field. Relevant certifications a plus.
  • 5 years of experience in trading and financial markets (bullish & bearish), with a strong track record of successful trading strategies.
  • Profound knowledge of different trading instruments (stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, etc.) and market analysis techniques.
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to convey complex trading concepts in a clear and understandable manner.
  • Proven experience in creating engaging content for social media and other platforms.
  • Ability to analyze market trends, news, and data to provide insightful perspectives and recommendations.
  • Demonstrated experience in community engagement, events, and educational initiatives.

  • Content Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Financial Analysis
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