Job Description


Based on your performance, you will get rewarded per user - the amount you can accumulate IS NOT limited!

Role Summary

As a Ambassador, you will serve as a crucial link between our company and our users, helping to amplify awareness about's benefits. This role involves acting as both a representative and advocate within the local community, enhancing our market presence and user engagement. Ambassadors are integral to our outreach efforts, working closely with our marketing and product teams. This position offers a blend of remote and local work, with flexible conditions based on campaign needs.


  1. Understand and convey user needs to the team.
  2. Assist in the localization of our products by checking translations and translating content as needed.
  3. Collect and report feedback from local users and the community.
  4. Promote services locally to enhance media visibility.
  5. Help increase follower count and engagement on our social media platforms.
  6. Engage with the local community to foster a positive image of
  7. Create relevant content tailored to the needs of local users.

Education and Experience

  1. Experience using blockchain services and platforms.
  2. Active participation in cryptocurrency communities.
  3. Familiarity with social media strategies and content creation.
  4. Previous experience in community management or as a brand ambassador preferred.
  5. Educational background in technology, marketing, or a related field is beneficial but not required.

Additional Requirements or Expectations Specific to the Position

  • This is a part-time, contract-based position with the possibility of remote work and necessary local engagements.
  • A minimum of 1,000 followers on Twitter or other significant social media platforms is required to ensure effective digital outreach and influence.

  • Growth Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
Other Benefits

Ambassadors accrue points and other rewards for free! Ambassadors will support the team locally and earn points that can be exchanged for fantastic rewards.

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