Job Description


Job Responsibilities:

-        Mainly responsible for the development and maintenance of overseas customers and agency channels. Provide suitable solutions to customers based on market demand and customer products requirements, considering industry characteristics.

-        Explore new potential customers in the industry and underlying customer needs by leveraging industry insights and analysis. Having overseas customer resources is highly advantageous.

-        Combine the existing and newly developed customer resources to complete the quarterly and annual sales plans and payment collection plans.

-        Provide effective media placement advice and exhibition advice. Execute the plans and continuously optimize them.


Job Requirements:

-        Bachelor's Degree or above qualification, with at least 1 year of work experience in cryptocurrency mining machine sales. Familiar with overseas markets.

-        Strong interest in cryptocurrency mining machines, passionate about sales work, result-oriented, and able to fulfill team deliverables.

-        Possess excellent capabilities in expanding and serving overseas customers, skilled in sales, negotiation, and oral and written communication.

-        Strong team spirit, good communication skills, and outstanding execution ability.

-        Fluency in English is preferred and candidates with excellent listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills will be given priority consideration.

  • Business Development
  • Business Relation
Other Benefits


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