Job Description



  1. Responsible for the research, planning, and product design of DeFi products, especially focusing on Dex, sorting out business logic and completing the output of PRD, prototype and other related documents.
  2. Work closely with UI/UX, R&D, and testing departments to promote the implementation and landing of the project, and cooperate with operations, marketing and other departments to promote the growth of the product after it is launched.
  3. Continue to iterate products and discover new product opportunities through interviews, topic research, data analysis, etc. And combine the internal and external environment and resource structure to formulate product plans and programs that can be implemented.
  4. Carry out demand management and formulate short- and medium-term project plans for their own business directions;
  5. Pay attention to the application and development of blockchain technology, and be able to periodically output analysis results with personal opinions.


  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in finance related;
  2. Experience in financial industry such as commercial banks is preferred;
  3. Experience in the underlying technology of blockchain is preferred;
  4. Those who can use Python, SQL and other tools for data analysis are preferred;
  5. Strong text organization ability, can independently complete the preparation of technical documents such as project proposals.

  • Product Management
  • Python
  • SQL
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