Job Description


The Role


  • Design, Build & Deliver highly scalable, high quality, decentralized open software frameworks, platforms, services and products
  • Work with the Research team to find optimized solutions and implement them
  • Work on networking protocol, consensus systems, systems throughput optimizations, and scalability
  • Building and evolving blockchain-based systems, proactively addressing security aspects of systems that are always online and always under attack
  • Strategize, develop roadmaps and execute aggressive growth targets
  • Grow and Lead a bunch of teams of Rockstar architects and software engineers
  • Coach and mentor other engineers in a constant learning culture


  • Good understanding of networking protocols and distributed network
  • Must have work experience in blockchain space
  • Good understanding of blockchain-related cryptography like a public key, BLS signatures, etc
  • Bonus: Experience working with low-level database programming & systems optimization
  • Bonus: Experience working with consensus protocols
  • Bonus: 2+ years of experience working with Cosmos or Substrate
  • Bonus: Experience in real-time message queues like Apache Kafka/ MQTT
  • Bonus: Experience in IoT Platform Architecture and Implementation
  • Bonus: Experience in time series DB
  • Bonus: Experience in parallel real time streaming and compute platforms like Apache Storm/ Apache Spark


  • Must have 10+ years of experience building and delivering complex, highly scalable, decentralized and open software systems
  • Must have feet-wet, hands-on expertise in bleeding edge technologies in areas like IoT, Distributed Systems, Blockchain, AI/ML, BigData and Cloud computing
  • Must have experience building and leading large teams of world-class software engineers

  • Cloud Computing
  • Database Management
  • Software Engineering
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