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TheLayer was founded with a mission to decode the World of Web3 “layer by layer” for our readers. We are a digital media production house bringing the coolest and emerging Web3 updates in the most unbiased manner possible to the Web3 OG club. Serving hot right from the oven, we aim to become the ultimate platform to bring the latest happenings, developments, and insightful perspectives of the growing Web3 Industry. We are an independent media publication with the purpose of onboarding the next generation of Web3 enthusiasts. The past few years have witnessed a massive transformation in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. The stories have evolved from mere cryptocurrency analysis to bringing the aspects of the decentralized future and Web3 technologies as a promising ambition to achieve. TheLayer believes that with the industry evolving, it’s now time to immerse deep down to provide the readers with exclusive stories, original coverages, relevant news, expert resources, and a compelling narrative that demystifies the onboarding journey of Web3 enthusiasts. TheLayer will and always cover stories that matter!
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