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We are currently looking for a Crypto Developer to join our small, passionate team. CO2Coin is the Crypto Real Estate Investment Trust that is reversing the money system by planting trees.

Have you ever wondered if the current economic system is set up in a way that perpetuates the destruction of planet Earth? Well, CO2Coin is here to show you that both Cryptocurrency and capitalism can be our allies in the race to save the planet from Anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change. Its simple really. Every time someone uses fiat currency to purchase CO2Coin, we plant trees with it. The funds all go into a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) which purchases land that is suitable for carbon farming projects around the world. Holders of CO2Coin receive returns in the form of dividends from the sale of carbon credits. So, in this way, the price (or dividend) of CO2Coin is pegged to the price of both real estate and the price of a new asset class that keeps going up in value - carbon. CO2Coin is not a coin that is going to offer parabolic returns for investors. CO2Coin offers an ethical option for likeminded investors and philanthropists to own a stake in assets that have not only a healthy financial return but also which build natural capital over time. CO2Coin is a decentralized egalitarian community which gives one (optional) vote to all coin holders for every coin that they hold. A voting platform is provided to make decisions on which land to buy and sell, who to nominate as the company chairs, which types of carbon farming initiatives to invest in and basically any major decisions that need to be made in regards to the direction of the REIT. CO2Coin is also a community currency for the everyday exchange of goods and services, providing a global but localized trading system. All gas fees are invested back into the community so you know that every time you use CarbonCoin to transact, you are voting with your wallet and planting more trees.Email for further details. 
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