Job Description


As the Technical Lead, you will lead our technical expansion into new chains & ecosystems. You love to keep up with the latest technologies in crypto, and can ramp up quickly in how the technology can be applied to our stack.


  • Prototype new applications that can be built on top of the Quest Protocol to showcase use cases and spur adoption

  • Plan and execute Quest Protocols multi-chain strategy as we expand coverage of the Quest Protocol ecosystem, understanding tradeoffs along the way

  • Research how new technologies like account abstraction, EIP 4844, and zero-knowledge proofs, and AI can have an impact on the ecosystem and implement it

  • Architect smart contracts while ensuring security, flexibility, reliability, while leveraging other crypto building blocks

About You:

  • 7+ years of experience in an engineering role with 3+ years of experience with distributed systems.  Documented years of experience working on deployed smart contracts with high throughput and TVL will be counted at a premium

  • Strong curiosity and desire to stay up-to-date on latest technologies and implement them, building the teams understanding along the way

  • Experience building upgradable smart contract protocols at scale (with millions of TVL secured) Contributions to popular open-source repositories

  • Communications Skills
  • IT support
  • Team Management
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