Job Description


RabbitHole is looking for a Senior Protocol Engineer who has a passion for token distribution and mechanism design. As an integral part of our team, you will lead efforts on the Quest Protocol that influences hundreds of thousands of users on RabbitHole and other third-party clients.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead the design, development, and implementation of new protocol features, taking projects from inception to completion

  • Conduct research on the latest technologies in the crypto ecosystem, including scaling solutions and mechanism design

  • Coordinate audits with external vendors, adhering to the highest security standards (secondary task)

  • Write thorough and clear protocol documentation (secondary task)


  • Solid experience in building and shipping protocols and smart contracts to end users

  • Strong proficiency in Solidity and an interest in learning new smart contract languages

  • Crypto-native ability and awareness, with a deep understanding of blockchain and the desire to stay on top of the latest trends

  • Strong product instincts, with the capacity to make critical decisions in the absence of explicit data

  • Experience working with different auction mechanics is a strong plus

Nice to Have:

  • Ability and willingness to contribute to backend NodeJS services written in TypeScript

About You:

  • You are staying on the pulse of the latest research in the crypto ecosystem

  • You enjoy working in a remote environment, where engineers play a pivotal role of the product process

  • You have lots of ideas on how to improve the protocol, and are proactive about implementing them

  • You are interested in a career path that would lead to a protocol lead role

  • Protocol Analysis
  • Smart Contract Development
  • TypeScript
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