Job Description


About Mass Labs

Mass Labs is co-founded by an ex-Ethereum core dev with a passion for decentralised systems. We are building Mass Market: the next generation commerce protocol for physical items, utilising blockchain technologies to redirect data ownership and control back into users hands.

Role Summary

We are looking for a fourth engineer to join our team. Ideally located in London (UK), we are also willing to consider a strong remote candidates in UTC-/+4hrs. The company is currently very small and pre-funding, you will be a super early employee and as such we expect you to take ownership of your work, be highly collaborative and passionate about crafting excellent code. Our goal is to build for the long-term, architecting top quality software systems that will last generations.

Required Skills & Experience

  • Minimum 3 years of experience writing software in Go
  • Experience with network protocols and databases
  • Good written and spoken English
  • Communicative and collaborative character
  • Unafraid of disagreement and discussing ideas to find the best solution
  • Motivated to take ownership
  • Timezone: UTC +/-4, an exception might be made for an exceptional candidate
  • Comfortable working remote/async
  • Willing to travel for team meetings 3-4 times a year

Nice to haves

  • Experience in Cryptography
  • Understanding of blockchain architecture and protocols
  • Understanding of distributed systems (Fault Tolerance, Synchronization)
  • Good knowledge of Solidity
  • Experience using Nix
  • Experience using Typescript
  • Familiarity with unit- and integration testing and benchmarking
  • Experience with Protobuf
  • Capacity for systems thinking
  • Open-source experience
  • Familiarity with (e-)commerce systems

Example Responsibilities

  • Help to design and make changes to the network protocol, for example:
    • Resolution of conflicting states between multiple actors in a network
    • Implement an extension to the protocols User Relay component
  • Verify potential protocol iterations with proofs-of-concept
  • Write good and thorough tests
  • Implement L2 support across various chains

How to Apply

Please email us your CV (Resume) with a link to your Github/Gitlab or other examples of your work, together with a few lines about yourself.


  • Software Engineering
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