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UGOKI is a widely-acclaimed watchmaking company based in Hong Kong with a loyal customer base throughout Asia. We look to share the experience of owning our precious timepieces with the world through non-fungible collections and the powerful platform of the web3. We dashed at the window of opportunity presented by non-fungible tokens, to create stunning multi-purpose NFT collections crafted with the thought of the mystery and beauty of Japanese culture. UGOKI establishes a strong industry presence in the web3 space by providing non-fungible tokens that interact with the virtual and tangible aspects of life seamlessly.Our debut NFT collection, the Japanese-inspired Expeditious Snow Monkeys on the Block is featured by fascinating digital art of old-world monkeys native to Japan known as Japanese Macaque or snow monkeys. This collection shows off graceful designs of UGOKI watches that jump to life at the command of the NFT holder.UGOKIs exploration into web3 goes beyond selling NFTs with real-life utilities. Through the first collection and many others to come, the dream is to build a community experience packed with engagements, social activities, and networking opportunities.

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