Profile Details is a data analytics startup that provides insights about the crypto on-chain economy. We help answer two questions: 

  • Which organizations own which blockchain addresses? 
  • What crypto addresses are linked to criminal activities ?

Our current clients include analytics companies and anti-money laundering (AML) service providers. Our data can be utilized for various purposes, including law enforcement, business intelligence, and academic research.

Our mission

  • Enable web3 analytics by providing best-in-class labels;
  • Create an industry-wide blacklist of cryptocurrency funds related to crime;
  • Help humanity by fighting illicit activities

Our services

We help you:

  • get started with your own cryptocurrency analytics by providing a comprehensive databse of "who owns what address";
  • classify the activity of the blockchain addresses into different categories. Each label is documented with metadata and appropriate proof;
  • understand the volume of funds flowing in and out of organizations, and the cryptocurrency economy in general.
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