Defi Jobs 101 - Top Roles, Skills and Salaries

DeFi Jobs 101 – Top Roles, Skills & Salaries Explained

The world of finance has changed dramatically with the emergence of Web3. What was once ruled by banks, financial institutions, corporations, and such is now taken over by Decentralized Finance (DeFi). The worldview on banking systems and traditional investment has shifted as more people invest in DeFi options.

Thanks to the investments made by the general public, a world of opportunities has opened up for interested candidates. More professionals are intent on starting DeFi careers. The time is right for you to switch industries and strike when the iron is hot.

Certain DeFi jobs are known for their high payout and benefits. These are high-ranking or important positions in a DeFi firm, which is why hiring managers have high standards for these jobs. Only the best of the best get hired for these positions.

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Let’s take a look at these top DeFi jobs, the skills required, and their salaries.

Smart Contract Engineer

If you are looking for DeFi jobs, then you must know about Smart Contracts already. These are agreements between two or more parties that take effect automatically. The predefined terms and conditions of the agreement decide when the contract is activated.

In essence, it is a segment of blockchain code that has been customized to meet the unique requirements and requests of each party. These contracts operate on “if-this-then-that” logic, which makes things less complicated. The need for intermediaries is removed, reduces the potential for disputes, and minimizes costs.

As the name suggests, a Smart Contract Engineer will create smart contracts for the clients or company. The engineer should be familiar with common platforms used for smart contracts. These are:

  • Ethereum
  • Solana
  • Corda
  • Cardano

They must also have command over programming languages such as:

  • Solidity
  • Vyper
  • Rust
  • Cairo
  • Yul
  • Move

The average annual salary of a Smart Contract Engineer is $138K. However, more experienced individuals can earn as much as $194K in a year.

Quant Trader

A Quant Trader uses quantitative analysis to develop trading strategies. Quantitative Traders heavily rely on number crunching and mathematical computation to identify excellent trading opportunities for the company or client.

They will look at volume and price data inputs to apply them to mathematical models. DeFi companies with a large client volume employ Quant Traders to find the best possible opportunities to maximize their capital and turn a profit every single time. This is an important position with a lot of responsibility, which is why it pays really well.

Per annum, a Quant Trader earns an average of $169K. However, a more experienced individual can earn an average annual income of $259K.

DeFi Analyst

A DeFi Analyst is responsible for scrutinizing and researching the decentralized finance market. They look at the current trends as well as the highs and lows of the market. The individual is responsible for analyzing yield farming strategies, DeFi protocols, liquidity pools, smart contracts, and decentralized exchanges.

They make use of data analytics to assess risk, forecast trends, and identify investment opportunities. The individual in this position must have knowledge of blockchain technology, DeFi principles, cryptographic protocols, smart contracts, and predictive modeling.

A DeFi Analyst earns an average annual salary of $76K. An experienced and certified DeFi Analyst can earn up to $124K per annum on average.

Cyber Security Engineer

Cybersecurity Engineers find weaknesses and risks in software and computer systems. These experts install secure network solutions to guard the networks and data systems of companies against cyberattacks, hackers, and other computer crimes.

They assess and develop security systems and subsystems to ensure the DeFi firm’s network is secure. Cyber Security Engineers are the ideal choices for these firms since they handle a lot of sensitive customer data and, therefore, need to have strong security.

An average Cyber Security Engineer makes $122,000 annually. A more experienced and certified Cyber Security Engineer can earn up to $180K on average per year.

Blockchain Developer

Just like the name suggests, a Blockchain Developer designs, maintains and builds systems and applications using blockchain technology. Essentially, they are software developers who are masters of blockchain technology. They test, develop, and launch decentralized applications (DApps) as well.

The individuals in this position will take care of blockchain system architectures, develop security patterns, design protocols, and manage the front and back-end development. A survey by Statista has projected that the blockchain market will go over the $39 billion mark by 2025.

On average, a Blockchain Developer earns $111K in a year. However, the per annum average of a Blockchain Developer with relevant experience and certifications increases to $166K.

DeFi Trader

Perhaps one of the most demanding positions in a DeFi company, a DeFi Trader needs to stay up to date with every new trend in the digital asset market. Since the crypto markets remain open 24 hours and seven days a week, the work of a DeFi Trader never ends.

The individual in this position needs to catch opportunities immediately. They typically work with a team of traders and create trading strategies that are best suited to the company or the client. This is a highly competitive position that needs a strong mind!

On average, a DeFi Trader earns $103K in a year. However, the salary range can rise to $294K with experience, competency, and qualification.

In Closing…

These are the top DeFi jobs that you can apply for if you want a career in decentralized finance. Make sure you read the requirements for each position before you apply for it. You want to do justice to the role because these are demanding jobs!