The Career Path of a Web3 Copywriter

The Career Path of a Web3 Copywriter

The demand for copywriters is rising in the Web3 industry. As the Web3 landscape continues to grow and reach new heights of acceptance, the demand for specialized professionals is increasing as well. Companies want to bolster their marketing efforts and for that they need talented Web3 copywriters who are great at their job.

Copywriting is not simply combining a few logical words to promote a product or service. It involves crafting a well-researched story or scenario that resonates with your audience and inspires them to act. From web pages to social media posts and product descriptions to email promotions, all written content is partly or entirely related to a copywriter.

Only the copywriters who can keep up with the latest Web3 and copywriting trends can thrive in this fast-paced landscape. However, the basic rule stays the same – explain complex topics into simple words that is easily understandable.

If you are planning to become a Web3 copywriter, this article is for you. It includes all the essential details, from job responsibilities to salary to skills. Learn how to navigate the path of Web3 copywriting smartly.

What is Copywriting?

A copywriter is a professional writer responsible for crafting clear, crisp, and concise text or copies for products or brands. They produce content for ads, websites, social media, and other marketing and advertising platforms.

A copywriter is mainly hired to persuade the target audience to buy or engage with a product or service. The copywriters are mostly part of the marketing or advertising department or work as freelancers or remotely work with a company. If you are interested in this field, your routine tasks will include writing advertising material, designing campaigns, creating taglines and slogans, and sometimes writing catchy content for the website or the blog.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Web3 Copywriter

Your roles and responsibilities as a Web3 copywriter can vary depending on your job nature – contractual, internship, permanent, or more. However, the common duties remain the same. They include the following:

  • Research involving Web3 and associated terminologies
  • Website copies (landing page, blogs, product description, emails, pamphlets, etc.)
  • Social media posts, including captions and ads
  • Brand taglines
  • Sales copies for multiple media mediums
  • Editing, reviewing, and proof-reading
  • Helping improve overall performance and sales

Is Web3 Copywriting in Demand?

Perhaps one of the most important questions before stepping into any career is – is the career in demand? Let’s find out.

Copywriting is not new as a profession. While companies from various industries have been hiring copywriters for decades, the position is now becoming important in the Web3 industry as well. The products and means of communication have changed remarkably with time and advancement in marketing trends, but the basic principles remain the same.

The Google search moderators have shared an interest in Web3 copywriting, which has witnessed a significant increase over the past 5 years. It peaked in 2021, with thousands of individuals working from home during the pandemic. The demand has since then been steady, noticeably rising again in 2022.

Types of Copywriting Jobs Available in 2024

One of the most advantageous factors of living in the current modern era is that professions like Web3 copywriting are flourishing at an encouraging rate. Career Explore has estimated that the Web3 copywriting profession will only grow by 7.6% from 2016 to 2026. However, some experts believe this rate may surge considering the perpetual development of the Web3 sector.

Platforms like LinkedIn have showcased an exponential increase in Web3 copywriting jobs, especially in the marketing and digital sectors. The hiring rate for digital marketing Web3 copywriting professionals has been as high as 33%.

SEO Copywriting – What is it & How it Works?

One of the main skills a recruiter will consider when evaluating your resume is the skill to work with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools. Though most copywriters excel at motivating readers to perform the desired action, only some are proficient with SEO knowledge and ways to incorporate it.

Unless your written content has a good SEO ranking, it is highly unlikely that many will read it, regardless of how well it is written. Copywriters may produce content for social media, TV commercials, print ads, product slogans, emails, labels, taglines, etc.

However, SEO content is directly aimed at improving Google and other search engine rankings. It is content optimized for search engines, including keywords and phrases backed by research.

An SEO Web3 copywriter produces content for web pages, product descriptions, homepages, landing pages, websites, and Google ads, among other things. Before applying for any copywriting job, consider securing the SEO knowledge and skills under your belt.

Essential Skills for a Web3 Copywriter

Although individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds can work as copywriters, most companies have a few favorites. These include a Bachelor’s degree in English, communications, journalism, or similar discipline.

Besides SEO, you can work on the following skills to make a lucrative career as a Web3 copywriter:

  • Storytelling and narrative formation.
  • Solid knowledge of the type of content written for websites, blogs, marketing campaigns, media channels, services, and products, as well as the different tools required for each.
  • Understanding when to use what social media platform (LinkedIn,, Reddit, Discord, Telegram, etc.), community, and practices to bring about the desired outcome.
  • Collaborating with team members, experts, and other departments.
  • Basic Web3 knowledge and any recent developments.
  • Keyword Optimization and Analytics.
  • Creative writing.
  • Effective communication.
  • Persuasion through word.
  • Complete comprehension of a brand’s identity, voice, fundamentals, aims, and guidelines.
  • Continuous research about various topics or projects you are working on.
  • Keen eye for details.
  • Multitasking.
  • Commitment to improvement and growth

These are just some of the skills you need to develop if you want to succeed as a Web3 copywriter. Remember that you can always build these skills overtime and grow continuously. With dedication and determination, your career as a Web3 content writer can thrive.

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