New-Feature-Update-Empowering Talent and Companies with the Profile Builder

Empowering Talent and Companies with the Profile Builder

Embarking on an exciting and rewarding Web3 career just got a lot easier with the Profile Builder – a game-changing feature that will help you create an impactful professional presence. This feature will help you tailor your profile to industry demands and stand out in the competitive job market. 

With this feature three new sections have been added to talent profiles: Experience, Education and Certifications. So, you can now add a lot more information to your profile and give recruiters a more in-depth look into your professional expertise with the Profile Builder! Profile Builder 

Let’s explore the different aspects of the Profile Builder. 


The first new addition in the talent profiles is the experiences section. As a talent, you will be able to add information here about your past experiences, with details like your Title or position in your past jobs, Company Name and Location. In addition to that, you will also be able to add the Job Type, where you can select from full-time, part-time, internship or contract and the Work Flexibility, whether you were working remote, onsite or hybrid. 

More details can be added to this section, like identifying whether you are still working in this role or not and adding the Job Category. It is very important to add the correct information here as it helps companies find you easily based on the specific web3, crypto or blockchain job category. 

Another option in the Experience section is to add a Career Break, where you can define the break type, which would be the reason why you took the break, the location and timings of the break along with a small description.

It is highly recommended that you fill your profile as comprehensively as possible to give potential employers a complete and thorough look into your past experiences. 


Now let’s move on to the next addition in talent profiles: the education section. Here you can add your School, university or any institute you completed your educational qualification from, the Degree itself, followed by the Field of Study along with the starting and ending dates of each educational qualification. 


And then there is the third new section that has been added to talent profiles: Certifications. In this section, you can add different blockchain certifications that you have completed to give employers a more comprehensive look into your qualifications and skills. It is important to note that a comprehensively filled out talent profile can help potential employers find you quickly and easily. Therefore, make sure that you put in all of your qualifications with a sufficient amount of detail.

Downloadable Profiles as CVs allows talents to download their enhanced profiles as CVs. This feature will help simplify the application process for talents even outside the platform, giving users a polished and detailed document to present to potential employers. 

For Talent: Why the Profile Builder Matters?

As a talent building a career in the Web3 space, there are several benefits you can get from the Profile Builder:

Connect with the Right Companies Efficiently: The Profile Builder helps connect talent with employers that are more aligned with your career goals and aspirations, helping make the entire job search more efficient, putting you on a fast track to your dream crypto job

Increased Chance of Getting your Ideal Crypto Job: A detailed profile is not just a virtual resume – it is your key to the right opportunities. The more comprehensive your profile, the higher the chances of you getting just the Web3 job you want. 

Higher Job Acceptance Rate: A detailed profile will increase your visibility to the right employers and help boost the job acceptance rate. Not only are you likely to get more job offers, but also the right job offers. 

For Companies: Why the Enhanced Talent Profiles Matter?

While the Profile Builder on is a very useful tool for talents looking for jobs, it is also very helpful for companies searching for the top crypto talent. 

Through Understanding of Talents: The enhanced talent profiles through the Profile Builder helps companies understand each applicant better and enables them to find the perfect fit. 

Streamlines the Hiring Process: By connecting companies to the right talent, and eliminating the guesswork in finding the right candidate for the job, the Profile Builder enables more efficient decision-making.

Increased Job Acceptance Rates: A higher job acceptance rate would benefit talents as well as companies since it would be easier to find a suitable match more quickly. 

In the dynamic world of crypto careers, the Profile Builder is a pivotal tool that helps reduce the gap between talent and companies. For talent, it is an amazing opportunity to craft a compelling profile and stand out in a competitive landscape. And for companies, it is a powerful tool to hire talent that is more in line with their vision and goals. The details that you add in your profile will also be used for many more exciting features that we have planned for our community at So unlock your potential and embark on an exciting Web3 career journey!

Web3 is a rapidly growing field of technology, and it is an ideal time to embrace it on a professional level. If you are planning a career switch from Web2 to Web3, don’t forget that a reliable Web3 job board like can make the transition easier by helping you find the right opportunities.