5 Marketing Manager Skills Needed in 2024

5 Marketing Manager Skills Needed in 2024

The year 2024 is expected to be great for top Web3 jobs. Marketing Managers are expected to be at the crux of greatness in the upcoming year. Bolstering marketing efforts and targeting campaigns to increase ROIs would be the first priorities of marketing managers.

There are multiple tools and technologies that make the work of a marketing manager a little lighter. However, only 8% of marketers have entry-level skills, while the rest are just surviving. Only 18% of organizations in the USA provide essential training support to their marketers.

If any marketing manager wants to thrive in the fast-paced world of Web3 in 2024, they would need to sharpen their skills and add more tools to their repertoire. While the Web3 landscape is expected to evolve further in the coming year, it is the personal responsibility of the Marketing Managers to catch up before it is too late.

Here are five marketing manager skills that will become absolutely necessary in 2024.

SEO and SEM Skills

Every day, you’ll come across two disciplines: search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO). If you want to succeed as a marketing manager, you must have a thorough understanding of SEO and SEM. You will also have at least one SEO and SEM expert on your team. You need to have more than a passing knowledge of these two skills if you want to succeed at Web3 jobs in marketing.

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You must be able to communicate these skills in your strategies and planning for the future. SEO and SEM have many “white hat marketing” tools and techniques that can make a direct impact on your marketing efforts. With SEO and SEM in your portfolio, you will know which type of content will rank better, what will work best for your audience, and what should be avoided.

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Content Management Skills

Content is invaluable. It is a weapon that wins you wars! Content management skills are, in fact, highly valuable for a marketing manager. Brand content needs to be effective and focused to have an impact. Good content will lead to new users (or customers) who will then generate sales.

However, content management is not limited to content creation for blogs and guest posts. It includes paid promotions on search engines, PPC, email marketing, and so much more. Your content team should create credible, engaging, and sometimes viral content to entice new customers and make existing customers stay.

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As a marketing manager, you will hone your content management skills and use them wisely in 2024. Jobs in Web3 will get a little more demanding, so it is better to be prepared!

Social Media Skills

Here is the thing: if you want to thrive in 2024, you will need to master your social media skills. Social Media is where brands flourish and bloom. This is where they engage their audience and find tremendous interest in their products and services.  

There is a lot more to social media marketing than merely trending and going viral. It is imperative for a marketing manager to possess a comprehensive understanding of pertinent social media platforms and their optimal utilization.

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You should know when to post and what type of content you should create, use analytical programs for each platform, and use paid social media promotions when necessary. This will make marketing Web3 jobs much easier.

Analytical and Tech Tool Skills

Gaining and applying analytical abilities is crucial for managers, particularly if they wish to ease the workload of their staff. Using marketing tools is a terrific approach to monitor both your own and their digital marketing efforts.

Using analytical tools is a great way to enhance your marketing endeavors. This way, you can know which techniques and tools are working. They help with decision-making, data gathering, and overall help with overcoming marketing plateaus. All you need to do is figure out which tool best suits the brand and how to leverage it to support your marketing initiatives.

Among the instruments that marketing managers most frequently utilize are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer

Team Building Skills

A soft skill that is just as important as the other skills mentioned in this list, team building, can make or break your marketing efforts. As a marketing manager, it is your responsibility to inspire the group, foster a friendly atmosphere, and guide them toward shared objectives.

Even though it might not be simple, the effort will be worthwhile in the end. You need to foster a sense of teamwork while also adhering to your team’s needs. For this, you would need to keep the communication open, dedicate tasks that adhere to their individual talents, and overall allow them to be creatively free. Your team should have confidence in you and your abilities as a leader!

To Make a Long Story Short…

In short, you should work towards the goal of sharpening your existing skills and adding more to your repertoire. 2024 is expected to be an important year for top Web3 jobs in marketing. Adding these skills to your resume will make you successful and a key member of the Web3 company you work for.