10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Video Editor in Web3 Industry

10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Video Editor in Web3 Industry

Are you wondering how you can break into the Web3 industry as a video editor? In an industry as vast and innovative as Web3, staying at the top of your game is important regardless of your profession.

The Web3 industry offers a wide range of opportunities, from DeFi developers to video editors—all needed to continue its revolutionary processes. Fortunately, plenty of guidance is available online that can help you navigate your way to success.

Including this article, where you can learn the do’s and don’ts for a booming career in the Web3 industry as a video editor. There are no particular requirements or rules to ace this. However, the right skills and planning things in an orderly manner can help you grow relatively faster than others. Let’s begin!

What Does a Web3 Video Editor Do?

One of the main contributors to Web3’s popularity is social media. Recent statistics suggest that a considerable percentage of social media audiences purchase a product or service only after watching a visual representation of it.

The question is: who makes these videos good enough for the audience to connect to them and take the desired action? The Web3 video editors! Now, this could be a video featuring blockchain technology and its benefits, bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies.

With a concept already so complex, Web3 video editors need to use these technological terms so that even the non-tech audience can understand it easily. They do this through videos, conveying the maker’s message in the simplest form possible while also maintaining the brand’s true essence.

The video editors are also called storytellers since they cut, rearrange, and manipulate both audio clips and visual narratives to get the message across. Some Web3 video editors opt for graphic editors along with text, while others focus on other aspects, like background music.

Most edits take place after the video has been made. In contrast, some video editors may be involved in the initial making phases, working on various elements, such as scripts and storyboards. The overall goal remains the same: to take a raw piece and transform it into professional visual content containing the brand’s product, its value, and the overall theme.

The day-to-day responsibilities of a video editor vary, as plenty of them work as part-time or freelancers, while others opt for full-time. The former mostly works on a contract basis or creates projects like advertisements or dramas.

10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Video Editor in the Web3 Industry

Starting a new career does not always have to be tough, especially if you follow steps like the key steps below. You do not always have to enroll in a 4-years Bachelor’s program to gain experience in a particular field; some courses, online lectures, and research can also help develop the required skills and save time.

Take a look at these ten steps that you can follow for a successful Web3 video editor career:

Understanding Video Editing and Motion Graphics

Many people use the terms video editing and motion graphics interchangeably, thinking that they mean the same. However, the truth is that they are distinctive and require slightly different skills and knowledge.

While both work on videos, Web3 video editors play different roles, and motion graphic professionals work differently. A Web3 video editor focuses on telling a story, ensuring audiences can connect to it emotionally or in a similar manner. Motion graphic professionals work to enhance the story in the video with elements like 3D animation or graphics. While both complement each other and work together to bring about the desired results, they play different roles.

Learning the Necessary Terminologies

Whether a beginner or an experienced Web3 video editor, staying updated with the latest editing tools and technology is essential to offer the best content. A video editor’s main goal is to effectively convey their message through visual representation. Therefore, being familiar with modern terminologies like the following is necessary to create stellar content that resonates with the audiences:

  • Aspect Ratio
  • B-Roll
  • Bit Rate
  • Cut Aways
  • Compositing
  • Cut-In
  • Frame Rate
  • Split Ends
  • Transition
  • Time Management

You cannot do justice to any career unless you know how to manage time wisely. Although not a technical skill, time management will resolve most of your issues, including technicalities.

Even if you work as a freelancer or part-time, planning each task and ensuring it is delivered in a timely manner is imperative to success. You may have numerous projects taking place all at once, meaning you will need to balance various tasks every day.

Handling multiple things at one time is when time management comes in handy. Remember to note down your tasks, prioritize on an urgent basis, stay organized, and handle each task as planned. Completing the tasks on time and in accordance with the requirements will also help you stay motivated.

You can write down the tasks on a simple notepad or use an application or professional software for time management assistance.

Staying Up to Date with Current Trends

In a field like Web3 and media, you will notice that new trends and technological advancements are coming in every day. Ensure that you are aware of these developments, which may be in the form of editing tools, tone settings, or other software.

This will also help you evaluate and understand different types of audiences and see what they find aesthetically pleasing. Consider experimenting with your usual style from time to time to improve your expertise.

Building a Platform

As a Web3 video editor, consider building a platform, like a website or blog, to showcase your work. You can include your Web3 knowledge and skills, past projects, and upcoming work. This will also be remarkably helpful when you are applying for jobs since you will always have a portfolio ready.

Mastering the Software

Before beginning work as a Web3 video editor, consider learning about all the popular software applications to fill in any potential weak gaps. You can work with the following:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro: Used for multiple purposes, such as feature-length films and social media posts.
  • Adobe After Effects: A visual effects and motion graphics application used for things like title creation and simple compositing.
  • Final Cut Pro: Pairs with Apple products, such as iPhone. Offers a plethora of effects for videos shot in iPhones and other Apple products.
  • Adobe Audition: Integrates with Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro. Offers numerous in-app effects.
  • AVID: Avid Media Composer (AVID) termed ideal for cross-platform sharing and work.
  • Networking & Socializing

Do not doubt the essence of networking and socializing, as both can help you land excellent Web3 video editor jobs. There are plenty of Web3 events happening worldwide. Consider attending some to gain knowledge, network, and showcase your abilities.

Embrace Entry-Level Roles & Internships

No expert is made without starting somewhere as an entry-level professional or intern. Do not shy away from junior roles, as they will help you gain extensive knowledge and master numerous skills. Moreover, you can learn all relevant fundamentals right from scratch.

Embracing Feedback

Learn to embrace feedback gracefully, even if it is not in your favor. Note your weaknesses and work on them to grow professionally and overall. Constructive criticism is also a great way to unlearn habits that may hold you back in the long run.

Commitment to Perpetual Growth

Learning is a continuous process that helps you grow in all aspects. The more you adapt and learn, the easier you will settle into new environments, even if they are not to your liking initially.

The landscape of Web3 and media offers countless learning opportunities. Take full advantage of this, securing multiple certifications, skills, and other accomplishments under your belt as you grow.

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