10 Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate the Web3 Industry in 2024

10 Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate the Web3 Industry in 2024

In the ever-evolving Web3 landscape, graphic designers are becoming indispensable and play a pivotal role in molding the visual terrain. Like every year that goes by, 2024 is going to be a significant year for graphic design innovation and progress. The dominant trends in the sector are subject to constant change in response to shifting requirements and perceptions of the Web3 industry.

Come along with us as we explore the ten graphic design trends that will likely rule the Web3 market by 2024. These trends, which range from the incorporation of artificial intelligence to the return of nostalgic aesthetics, provide an insight into the direction of graphic design and fascinating prospects that await Web3 graphic designers.

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1. Experimental Typography

Although graphic design was absorbed with experimental font trends last year, 2024 brings in a more sophisticated approach. While still essential, exciting fonts have a modern twist. Language is not the only barrier to visual communication; display and serif fonts are elevated to the forefront. Designers are embracing handwritten, abstract, and extended letters, pushing the limits of intelligibility by prioritizing color and shape above words.

2. AI-Powered Designing

AI is not just a catchphrase in 2024 for graphic designers. It is revolutionizing the field. AI turns out to be the best ally, enhancing creativity and transforming design workflows rather than taking away creative spark. Imagine designing software that works ahead of you, recommending specific color schemes, and creating mood boards based on your creative inspirations. AI augments creativity, not replaces it. Automated processes such as resizing images and removing backgrounds allow designers to free up valuable brainstorming time and add the personal touch that takes a design from excellent to great.

3. Inclusivity in Design

Graphic design moves towards diversity in 2024, accurately portraying a range of racial backgrounds, genders, physical attributes, and abilities. Leading companies in the industry, like Google, are expanding their emoji libraries to include a wider range of identities, and programs such as Scope are introducing symbols that celebrate the portrayal of disabilities.

4. Illustrations & Animations

The era of brand mascots is about to begin in 2024 when images take center stage with an animated flare. Hand-drawn logos become more popular and provide brands with a classic appeal. Handmade doodles and sketches have become popular, bringing joy and emotional resonance to design. These whimsical designs and free-flowing graphics, when combined with retro aesthetics and serif and cursive fonts, convey a feeling of handcrafted craftsmanship. Prepare to welcome the comeback of vintage charm in graphic design!

5. Embracing Nostalgia

In 2024, graphic design embraces the whimsical appeal of scrapbooking and adopts a nostalgic feel. Imagine brochures stacked with old detritus or websites decked out with handwritten fonts and textures reminiscent of Polaroid photos, bringing back the tactile delight of tangible memories. This movement goes beyond aesthetics to create connections, arouse feelings, and let visitors inside the designer’s private inspiration file.

This trend was best represented by Spotify’s “Wrapped” in 2023, which gave customers access to customized digital scrapbooks, including amusing pictures and clever text to celebrate their listening preferences. Prepare to go through a beautiful environment that evokes the allure of treasured recollections.

6. Minimalism-Out Maximalism-In

Maximalism returns to the forefront in 2024, signaling a colorful comeback in design. Vibrant geometric designs, audacious color combinations, and vintage typefaces unite to honor the maxim “more is more.” This style encourages designers to let their imaginations go wild and create visually stunning narratives that instantly elicit strong emotional responses by using minute details and arresting imagery. Prepare to enter a universe where all design elements are attention-grabbing and exalt the freedom of expression.

7. Color Combinations

In 2024, accessibility takes the stage in design, surpassing basic aesthetics. Adhering to WCAG requirements, designers give priority to color schemes that guarantee visibility for all individuals, including those who are color blind. More high-contrast combinations, such as green and pink or yellow and blue, should be seen in order to make sure that important information is seen even in low-light conditions. Greetings from a future where design is shaped by inclusion in every way, guaranteeing that no one is left behind in the digital sphere.

8. Embracing Nature

Earthy browns, sunny yellows, and calming greens will be the main colors used in graphic design in 2024 as a peaceful nod to nature’s color scheme. This movement, which is motivated by the beauty of the natural environment, is a move towards mindfulness and well-being. Anticipate designs that use textures inspired by nature, such as delicate watercolor washes or rough wood grain, to improve the visual experience and blur the line between the digital and physical worlds. We invite you to embark on a visual trip that reawakens our sense of the tranquil beauty of nature.

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9. Texture

In 2024, texture in graphic design will become a tactile language that elevates communication and the sensory experience. Building on the dreamy spirit of the new world-realism movement, designers give creations a tactile presence by including real-world textures such as bubble gum, glass, grainy paper, and flowing silk. This method gives products a handcrafted, artisanal look that evokes the nostalgic appeal of Art Deco.

10. Retro

2024 is seeing a charming comeback of old pixels in design environments. Pixel art, which brings back nostalgic recollections of colorful landscapes and chunky heroes from childhood, is charmingly making a comeback. Anticipate subdued components inspired by games that give designs a lighthearted wink. This modern take on a vintage look gives branding, packaging, and website design a fun little nostalgic boost.

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