Top Trends for Web3 Social Media Experts to Follow in 2024

Top Trends for Web3 Social Media Experts to Follow in 2024

If it weren’t for social media, would we have heard about Bitcoin, Web3, crypto, Ethereum, etc.? Or pretty much about most things that are now considered the future, like Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Undoubtedly, Web3 social media experts have done a lot for a bright digital future.

However, there is a lot more work to be done. Knowing how to combine performance and buyer preference data will give your business a jumpstart. With various Web3 tools and other contemporary technologies, you can paint a vivid picture of the likely audience’s behavioral patterns.

Certain trends will play a pivotal role in the social media strategies of most businesses. Web3 social media experts need to keep an eye on these trends and adopt them early on for success in 2024. Let’s begin!

Top Trends for Web3 Social Media Marketing Experts in 2024

It All Starts with a Video

Videos no longer have to be 1 – 2 hours to be considered actual ‘videos.’ It is one of the trends that you will definitely be seeing amongst the most hit ones on social media’s top trends list. Combined with Web3 and tools such AI, your video can be among the most trending ones!

Creating short videos that last even ten seconds and feature what your audience wants and what you want to sell can make a significant impact. It gives the seller a chance to connect with their audience and reach new potential clients, eventually leading to more sales. Some consumers have also shared it is one of the most engaging ways to capture an audience’s attention.

Let’s take a look at an example here: TikTok, one of the most popular social media platforms, started with one-minute videos. It progressed to three minutes, and then it announced that users could upload 10-minute videos. What is shocking is that there are speculations that it will allow some users to upload 30-minute videos. Coincidence? We think not!

Introducing and selling your product, whether it is a Web3 product or something else, has become a lot easier with this update. The platform has also reported that its users spend over half of their time watching videos 1 minute or longer videos, piquing the interest of plenty of entrepreneurs.

However, this does not mean short videos are out the window. Maintain a balance between both, using short videos for day-to-day customer interaction and longer videos for storytelling or similar content.

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Time to ‘Play’ with Playful Content

Apparently, formal, edgy content is taking a back seat, allowing playful content to steer the wheel, even for Web3 companies. As memes become more popular with engagement crossing millions, brands are experimenting with playful content, incorporating memes into their strategies.

For this trend, take a look at what LinkedIn had to say. They decided to play a human role in their threads, highlighting what employers feel after coming back from ‘PTO’ (Paid Time Off). This post earned numerous responses, some thinking it was funny while others shared it was endearing and inspirational. Other brands of all scales followed suit, creating some light, engaging content for their audience.

However, remember to stay true to your brand’s ethics and maintain its tone and voice. We suggest creating appropriate, amusing, interactive content that showcases your product or service while keeping the brand’s principles in check.

Taking it a Step Further with Social Commerce

Did you know numerous skincare, home appliances, and Web3 services have gained popularity because of an ongoing trend called ‘TikTokMadeMeBuyIt?’ If you have any doubts, search it and see how some products have blown up overnight without the brand having to make the effort itself.

Social commerce has taken the lead on TikTok, with this trend featuring popular influencers talking about a particular product or service and how well it has worked for them. This is usually followed by the audience trying out or using the product or service, resulting in considerably high sales for the brand.

This does not seem to be a fleeting trend. Social commerce is progressively trending, and many experts suggest getting on the bandwagon. To add to its essence, platforms like TikTok and Shein have officially launched stores housing their popular products. TikTok is currently looking into designing methods to make in-app shopping easier.

If you have not tapped into the power of social media, this is the time. Make use of famous social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram and generate a fun advertisement with the right influencer showcasing your product or service.

SEO is No Longer Just for Websites… It’s A Lot More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has now moved to the next level. It is no longer just limited to websites but is also being utilized for social channels. You will come across numerous social media users who prefer social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram over Google for things like planning trips, buying property, and even vacancies.

Users rely on hashtags, photos, and reviews on these platforms to make serious life decisions. These social media platforms acting as search engines have recently earned a shocking preference of 40% from Gen Z for TikTok over Google when searching for routinely information.

This means it is time to take things up a notch using tools like Web3 and AI and increase your visibility over search engines as well as social media platform feeds. The best way to do this is to optimize your posts on social media using various trending hashtags or keywords in the caption or somewhere within the post itself. But also remember to keep your visibility on SEO for maximum engagement.

Authenticity is Now the Real Boss

Believe it or not, authenticity is another leading promotional method. Whether buying a Web3 product, a skincare product, or a service, buyers highly rely on authentic reviews and comments.

Consumers have shared that authenticity is something they rarely see from brands across social media platforms. With contemporary tools like AI and Photoshop, marketing a poorly performing product has become very easy – one of the main reasons this particular trend has surfaced among large audiences.

Buyers have to share authentic voices, either from employees, creators, or the general public, which greatly affects their buying choices. Spectators believe this is another trend that will persist in the coming times.

Another aspect of this trend is BTS (behind-the-scenes) videos and snaps. Plenty of brands, in addition to putting up the actual promotional content, are uploading BTS shots and videos to show how the product or service came into being. They are focusing on showcasing the entire process of creating a consumer product instead of merely showing the result; this helps the audience connect to the business emotionally, prompting them to buy it.

What you can do here is, in addition to tapping into creators, to broadcast how you or your team are tirelessly working on a product, service, or project, making use of Web3 and other accessible tools. Apart from an exceptional product, the audience also wants to see the struggle of achieving and refining it.

Use one or all of these trending methods along with your current strategies to see how well your product or service performs as compared to using just your previous methods.

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Web3 & Social Media – Own Your Data

What makes all this even better is that you can now enjoy all social media platforms with safety and censorship with Web3. The decentralized technology gives users the freedom to use their social media without having to worry about their data being stolen and monetized. Web3 focuses on data ownership, enabling users to control who has access to their data. Undoubtedly, this will lead to better engagement and greater trust across social platforms in the long run.

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