Multiple Resume Management Introduces Multiple Resume Management Feature

Finding your ideal crypto job is much easier than it was ever before. While the job market is rich with new job opportunities, candidates must highlight their skills and experiences that match the requirements of the jobs they are applying for. Using one resume for every position does not make a good impression on companies. You must figure out how to effectively target different jobs with multiple resumes if you want to stand apart from the competition.  

This is where’s new feature comes into play.

We are excited to introduce our new feature: Multiple Resume Management!

How it Works

You can customize your job applications with this effective tool to apply for jobs you are interested in. Here is how you can do it:

  • Log in to your account and click on “View Profile.”
  • Edit your profile details, such as your name, job category, and your resume.
  • Make sure the file you upload is the correct size and format.
  • Once you have added the necessary information, you’ll see an option to download or manage resumes.
  • Click “Manage Resume” to add up to five resumes, with one set as your primary.
  • A toggle button lets you set your primary resume.

Your primary resume will be automatically added to your job applications after it has been selected. To switch resumes for a certain job application, just choose the desired resume from the drop-down menu.

Watch our in-depth tutorial to learn how you can use the Multiple Resume Management feature best:

Benefits of the Multiple Resume Management Feature

Companies will benefit by getting more focused applications from qualified applicants. This feature ensures a better applicant pool with resumes that closely match their job descriptions. By receiving more focused applications, companies can save time and resources during the candidate screening process. Thanks to the new Multiple Resume Management feature, they are more likely to find candidates with specific skills and experiences companies need, leading to better hiring decisions and improved long-term employee retention.

As for talents, they will benefit from this feature by:

  • Creating targeted resumes for different open positions.
  • Saving time by having all your resumes ready to go.
  • Easily switching between resumes based on the job.
  • Showcasing your versatility and expertise in different domains.
  • Increasing visibility as a strong candidate for any given position.

You will be able to show your potential employers you are prepared for any position and role. This feature enables you to create multiple resumes to cater to your different skill sets. Applying for jobs in different categories will become much easier with the Multiple Resume Management feature.

Make Your Job Search Smarter

With’s Multiple Resume Management features, your job search will become more efficient, effective, and smarter. By having multiple resumes to cater to your different skills, you not only highlight your relevant skills and qualifications but also increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Ready to experience the future of job hunting? Register at and use our Multiple Resume Management feature to make your job search easier.