Top Web3 QA Jobs for Fresh Graduates

Top Web3 QA Jobs for Fresh Graduates

It is highly unlikely that by now, you haven’t come across Web3, Blockchain, Ethereum, OpenSea, etc. Despite its growing popularity, not many people are aware of the countless career and growth opportunities that Web3 offers, especially to fresh graduates with a knack for software engineering.

It is a broad field with plenty of development prospects, from junior software testers to quality heads, test architects, and QA managers. If you are already working in the software industry and want to progress further or want to switch fields, you have come to the right place. This article will summarize some of the most popular roles in the software engineering sector for fresh graduates and all that you need to do to attain them.

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What is Web3 Software Testing?

The Web3 software industry is booming, attracting several finance and tech enthusiasts who are planning to build careers in this fast-paced industry. Software is a challenging field, but it has recently become relatively easier with the help of contemporary automation tools and technological revolutions. A career in this industry can help you grow professionally and personally, allowing you to make a significant impact.

In the simplest terms, software engineering is the entire process of developing, testing, and deploying computer applications to solve genuine, real-world problems using valid practices and engineering principles.

The software engineering field follows an organized and disciplined course that leads to improvement in quality, budget efficiency, and time. Though the term’s origin is uncertain, the first conference subjected to software engineering was held in 1968 by NATO. It hosted international experts who collectively decided that the field lacked reliability and consistency. From there onwards, the development process was initiated.

Top Web3 QA Jobs for Fresh Graduates

Professional growth can seem pretty daunting in the Web3 software industry after you have freshly graduated. However, with a little help and comprehensive knowledge, you can secure the job you desire.

Here is a list of the top Web3 QA Jobs for fresh graduates:

  1. Junior Software Tester/QA Engineer
  2. Senior Software Tester/Senior QA Engineer
  3. Test Architect
  4. QA Lead/Test Lead
  5. QA Manager/Test Manager

Next, let’s discuss each of these roles in detail.

Junior Software Tester/QA Engineer

An entry level role, junior software tester/QA engineer necessarily requires no prior work experience. However, a bachelor’s degree in computer science can be valuable for this particular position.

Some companies refer to this position as junior quality assurance engineers, QA engineers, software testers, or simply junior QA engineers. To become a junior software tester/QA engineer, you will need the following skills:

  • Excellent communication
  • Curiosity
  • Quick learning
  • Teamwork
  • Basic knowledge of software testing
  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Assessing user perspective

A junior software tester/QA engineer is expected to analyze customer requirements and prepare query lists accordingly, then share them with the relevant departments.

The professional also estimates how much effort and time is needed to complete a particular task. The junior software tester/ QA engineer tests case documentation, reports any tracking defects, suggests improvements and assists seniors in making the most appropriate decisions.

Senior Software Tester/Senior QA Engineer

While many organizations refer to it as senior QA engineers, the responsibilities pertaining to this position differ for every company. The extent of reliability is mostly determined by the worker’s years of experience. The term ‘senior’ is allocated to individuals with 4 – 5 years of experience, multiple achievements like identification of bugs and quick troubleshooting, and perpetual learning abilities.

A senior software tester/senior QA engineer should possess the following skills:

  • Analytical thinking
  • API testing
  • SQL
  • Manual testing
  • Clear communication
  • Agile testing
  • Critical thinking

They actively participate in test designing, planning, and estimation. A senior software tester/senior QA engineer is responsible for reviewing test artifacts, test automation, tracking loopholes, and carrying out effective collaboration among relevant teams.

The senior software tester/senior QA engineer is also involved in mentoring and training the junior employees on the team. They possess exceptional data analysis skills and showcase excellent organization skills which require no monitoring.

Test Architect

This is a senior position with quite some responsibilities. A test architect oversees problems and management during the testing phase. The professional mostly has in-depth technical knowledge and is aware of all recent updates regarding tools and related programs. Some companies may also not require team management skills from these individuals.

A test architect possesses the following skills:

  • Technical Specialist
  • Test automation framework
  • Knowledge of the latest tools pertaining to ongoing projects
  • Knows various approaches to automation
  • Experienced with the type of cases to select for automation
  • Brilliant technical leadership qualities

A test architect’s role mainly revolves around automation approaches. They offer support to the test manager for fulfilling goals with their technical knowledge. These individuals are also well aware of the latest, effective technologies and tools that are most suited to the hands-on project.

Designing test automation frameworks, noting the demands of current projects, identifying the ideal test cases, and automation testing are among their specialties. The test architects also continuously monitor and improve automation events as per the project.

QA Lead/Test Lead

A position that requires exceptional team management abilities is QA lead/test lead. The professional acts as a communication bridge between individual team members and the management.

Conveying the right messages at the right time and in the right manner is what the QA lead/test lead specializes in. They also excel at cross-functional team dealing as that is how they portray business scenarios to all teams at one time, establish technical limitations, and help juniors specify defects in a product.

A QA lead/test lead should have these skills:

  • Good communication
  • Excellent negotiation
  • Collaboration
  • Teamwork
  • Sound technical understanding
  • Troubleshooting and timely reporting any bugs
  • Leadership

The QA lead/test lead is responsible for fully breaking down and simplifying the strategy along with the test metrics. They manage the test team, act as the main point of contact, and actively check reviews and feedback.

QA Manager/Test Manager

As the name suggests, this is a managerial position with several responsibilities. It requires good communication skills and team handling. The QA managers/test managers are mainly involved in the execution and implementation of the QA process.

The QA managers/test managers should secure the following skills under their belt:

  • Excellent communication
  • Team management
  • Understanding and experience with various professional aspects like test efforts, requirements analysis, test reports, and relevant estimation
  • Domain knowledge
  • Ability to strategize and manage independent life cycle testing

The QA manager/test manager interviews, recruits, and trains relevantly skilled individuals for the QA team. They lay down the risks linked to ongoing projects and assist in mitigating any mishaps.

They review documentation, ensuring they are concise and complete before delivering it to the client. Moreover, they handle multiple projects at once, working alongside various teams to keep matters running seamlessly.

A QA manager/test manager may also suggest modern tools and apps for improving performance and discuss essential projects and issues with stakeholders and other relevant parties when required.

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