6 Common Customer Service Job Interview Questions

6 Common Customer Service Job Interview Questions

Eloquence and knowledge are key when you are being interviewed, especially for positions like customer service, where your words are very important. The current job market is highly competitive, and a single misstep can jeopardize your opportunity to secure your desired position. The job market for customer service positions is even more competitive, which is why it is imperative for you to ace your interview.

To ensure you make the best of the opportunities that come your way, we have compiled six common customer service job interview questions and their answers so that you can impress your interviewer and get that job!

What is Customer Service?

Customer service involves delivering satisfaction and resolving customer queries. Since customers pay for our service, it is only natural that they anticipate the service to align with the value of the product they are paying for. Hence, it is a customer service agent’s responsibility to be the best face of the company and provide solutions that increase brand loyalty.

When you apply for a customer service job, the most important question that you will be asked and one that you should ask yourself is to define what customer service is. The interviewer is trying to gauge what the role of customer service provider looks like to you and what importance it holds to you.

The best way to answer this question is by stating how you think the role should be carried out. One way to make your answer stand out is to imagine yourself as the customer and set a benchmark for what type of customer service you would expect to receive.

This question is also often used to get to know you and your values on a personal level; instead of asking the general “tell me about yourself,” some interviewers use this to evaluate whether you are the right fit for the role.

Why Work For Us?

I have researched the company’s mission, vision, and values, and I find that they closely resonate with my personal life goals. I found the details about your project “XYZ” especially intriguing, and should a similar opportunity arise in the future, I would be enthusiastic about contributing to it.

This is a very common question, which is not only used for customer service job interviews but every general interview as well. In asking this question, your interviewer is getting to know how well you have researched the company, what you know about their current standing, and any ongoing projects that you might have looked up before arriving for the interview.

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This provides your employer with a sense of “how well does this candidate know us and our mission, vision, and values.” It also shows your genuine interest in the company when you are knowledgeable about its workings.

In the professional realm, this interview query is akin to the university interview question, ‘Why choose this course?’ Consequently, individuals who have undergone university interviews should find this question relatively straightforward to address in a job interview.

How Do You Handle Challenging Situations?

There was one time, in particular, when I faced difficulty handling a case as I was new to the role; I remembered the company protocols for such issues, which I followed and was able to solve them amicably.

Customer service jobs can be very high-pressure positions requiring you to make decisions on the spot, sometimes having to bypass getting an opinion from your superior. To answer this question, you can take two routes: either recall a time when you faced a challenge and were able to successfully handle it, or where you failed to provide a resolution but learned a valuable lesson.

How Can You Make a Dissatisfied Customer Happy?

When trying to appease a dissatisfied customer, the key is to be an active listener because most issues are resolved by listening to the customer. Secondly, I would look into the company’s protocol for said situation, and if the customer is still dissatisfied, I would get another peer involved.

Your main responsibility as a customer service agent is to place the customer’s happiness at the top of your priority list, but never forget to cause any harm to the brand itself. Customer service requires you to maintain a delicate balance between these two elements, and this question is trying to assess how good you are at it.

How Would The People Around You Describe You?

People often say I give a very friendly first impression, which I think is a great asset to have in this position. I can openly interact with people even if I am meeting them for the first time; hence, many say it is easy to approach me.

This interview question serves a dual purpose: it not only provides an opportunity for you to showcase your strengths but also assesses your self-awareness regarding the impact you have on others. In customer service roles, where interactions are often based on face-to-face encounters, the impression you create plays a pivotal role in determining customer satisfaction.

In the Past, Have You Received Negative Feedback? How did you Grow from it?

I recall one time, no matter what solution I provided the customer, they did not seem happy, and I remember I had a hard time keeping my demeanor calm. I learned that there will be times when I need to step back and let someone else handle the situation and not force a positive outcome.

Everyone wants an employee who realizes they are human and can make mistakes. What they do and how they react when the mistake is pointed out is more important. Negative feedback provides room for improvement and growth, and this question assesses whether you are someone who can be taught to be better.

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