6 Highest-Paying Web3 Cloud Security Architect Jobs in 2024

6 Highest-Paying Web3 Cloud Security Architect Jobs in 2024

With all the recent advancements in the digital world, your data is never 100% secure. As more businesses and people become a part of the digital world, an increasing amount of data is being shared online. This has a potential for threats and vulnerabilities. However, the good news is Web3 companies are also working just as hard to protect sensitive information against any malicious intent.

According to Statista, six out of ten companies have added cloud security to their systems to establish the highest level of security. These companies, regardless of their size, consider this a matter of immense importance as the industries have already lost $4.35 million to data leaks.

This is where Web3 cloud security professionals come in; they work towards protecting cloud-based data, ensuring virtual hackers and attackers have no access to it. A vital part of this team is the Web3 cloud security architects.

Who is a Web3 Cloud Security Architect?

These skilled professionals are responsible for designing and overseeing cloud computing systems. They improvise tasks according to the company’s needs, develop complex applications, establish systemic plans, and conduct procedures that benefit the organization greatly.

When the cloud system is up and seamlessly running, the Web3 cloud security architects monitor the applications for issues and breaks. They work under or alongside the cloud engineers. While the former is responsible for designing the cloud system, the latter focuses mainly on the overall cloud infrastructure, including the software and hardware.

A Web3 cloud security architect must possess extensive experience with computer languages like SQL, Python, and JavaScript. Understanding the common computing services, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), is also essential.

As a Web3 cloud security architect, you will need plenty of computer programming experience and exceptional technical skills. These professionals are creative thinkers and can organize their programming plans well.

Although no specific qualification is needed, most employers prioritize candidates with bachelor’s degrees in computer programming, computer language, information technology, or a similar field. Knowledge about multiple programming languages and the latest relevant updates adds to the candidate’s value.

Furthermore, analytical expertise, data interpretation, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work on various operating systems at once are necessary to excel as a Web3 cloud security architect. Cloud security architect certifications, like AWS, can increase your chances of growing faster in your career as a web3 cloud security architect.

Key Principles of Cloud Security

Cloud security may sound complex to some; however, it is a simple combination of three principles, also called the “CIA triad.” They are the following:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability
  • Confidentiality

Confidentiality as a Web3 cloud security architect involves data protection. It allows only authorized people to access it without any breaches. This limits privacy leaks as checks such as access control, user authentication, and encryption limit the people allowed to view a certain data set.


Integrity refers to the maintenance of the accuracy of data throughout its lifecycle. Organizations integrate this phenomenon by using digital signatures, identifying virtual thumbprints, checksums, and more. These practices ensure unauthorized personnel do not delete, edit, or add data. Through integration, data remains original, corruption-free, and reliable.


Availability refers to allowing the right people access to the right data at the right time. This requires a robust infrastructure and a strong system supporting backup systems. Apart from this, incorporating availability also means it will handle any sudden breaks and interrupt service when needed.

These three principles are only a small part of the vast Web3 cloud security system. With the advancements taking place in the Web3 industry, top-notch security is more important than ever. Take a look at how these six jobs can help you impact the Web3 world by protecting data from hackers and excelling at designing security checks.

6 High-Paying Cloud Security Architect Jobs

Cloud Solutions Architect

With a salary range of $127,000 – $174,000 per year, the Web3 cloud solutions architects are literal problem solvers. Regardless of the experience, location, and skills, most companies pay within the same salary bracket.

They implement and design cloud solutions for their companies, ensuring programs run seamlessly with minimal loading times. They also analyze and choose cloud providers and introduce appropriate cloud adoption practices in collaboration with the IT team to handle technical issues.

Cloud Infrastructure Architect

Earning $123,500 to $170,500 a year, Web3 cloud infrastructure architects are responsible for the company’s cloud computing system. These professionals incorporate cloud technology to make cloud adoption plans, establish efficient management systems, design cloud apps, and maintain cloud systems.

The cloud infrastructure architects usually handle cloud computing of four types:

  • Private clouds
  • Public clouds
  • Hybrid clouds
  • Multi-clouds

They may perform one of the following types of cloud computing services:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platforms as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Cloud Consultant

Web3 cloud consultants make an average of $142,500 to $161,500 a year. Their job is to familiarize interested companies with current or available cloud computing services and help them choose the one that best fits their organization.

They are usually well aware of the latest cloud-based applications as they constantly communicate with other cloud consultants across various organizations.

Cloud Software Engineer

With a salary range of $120,00 – $156,000 a year, the Web3 cloud software engineer is responsible for designing and managing the cloud-based systems used by their organization. They collaborate with various teams within their company to devise optimal solutions for emerging problems and modify systems when needed.

The Web3 cloud software engineers are involved in debugging, deploying, and executing initiatives. They also hold relevant certifications and technical troubleshooting skills.

Cloud Developer

The Web3 cloud developers earn about $112,500 – $154,000 a year mainly by deploying and developing various applications. They work alongside the cloud service providers and other relevant departments to evaluate and build software that the company needs at that particular time.

Cloud developers are specialized software developers focused on creating modern applications, infrastructure, and resources appropriate for cloud-based environments.

Open Stack Cloud Consulting Architect

The Web3 open-stack cloud consulting architects make about $98,500 to $152,000 a year. They are responsible for making and applying Open Stack cloud infrastructure and helping other teams regarding Open Stack apps. They ensure the solutions they offer result in optimal performance and increased security and scalability.

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