How to Write a Blockchain Developer Job Description

Tips for Recruiters: How to Write a Blockchain Developer Job Description

A blockchain developer builds and maintains blockchain applications. With blockchain technology rapidly transforming the business world, the number of blockchain developer jobs is also increasing. The competition is tough as every company wants the top talent for itself. So, how do you stand out? By showing them the perks of working with your company. And how do you do that? With a job description that resonates with the aspirants and inspires them to apply.

This article contains some tips for writing a compelling blockchain developer job description. We cover the required skills and main responsibilities, as well as the mistakes that you should avoid in your listings. Have a look!

Role of a Blockchain Developer

A blockchain developer focuses on the blockchain development side of the business. They handle the development of blockchain applications, smart contracts, digital currencies, and dApps. A blockchain is a digital ledger that conducts and stores transactions in a transparent and secure manner. It is the job of a blockchain developer to make sure that the record of transactions is visible and immutable so that nobody can commit fraud.

Web3 businesses, in particular, cannot progress without blockchain developers. They create innovative solutions to drive revenue and growth for a business.

How To Write an Effective Blockchain Developer Job Description

A job posting has several sections. Start by introducing your company. Highlight the responsibilities of the role you are hiring for. Follow it up with a list of skills and qualities you require. Let’s look at how you can customize these and the other sections for blockchain developer jobs.

Company Introduction

Your job post should start with a short introduction to the company. Name the industry you conduct business in, state the company’s mission, and include a few lines about your work culture. Be sure to highlight any achievements or milestones that make your company more valuable.

You should also clarify why you need a skilled blockchain developer. Talk about how you are using blockchain technology in your operations and how they can contribute to your projects. It doesn’t hurt to mention a few projects they’ll be working on, too. It helps candidates appreciate the real-world impact of their work, drawing the ones who are most passionate about technology.

The aim here is to set a stage that resonates with potential candidates. These details help them determine if they share a mutual synergy with your organization.

Perks of Working With Your Company

You have to dangle a bait to catch fish. This part of the job description acts as the bait to attract talented professionals. It details the benefits that a blockchain developer can reap if they join your company. You can mention opportunities for professional growth, competitive salaries, a friendly office environment, or even offer remote work options. Since the blockchain space is continuously evolving, you can emphasize your commitment to growing with it. Candidates who are passionate about the latest advancements will find it attractive.

Job Brief

This part will include all the information about the role, such as:

  • Job title
  • Reports to
  • Position type (full-time, remote, hybrid, etc.)
  • Salary details
  • Location
  • Work hours

Including all these details will optimize the job search results. Only the candidates who are happy to comply will apply.


In this part of the job description, you will outline the daily duties and core responsibilities of the position. This is where you describe what you expect from the hired person.

The main responsibility of a blockchain developer is to uphold blockchain protocol. They develop and maintain smart contracts, decentralized applications, and cryptography algorithms. If a company is new to blockchain, the developers collaborate with cross-functional teams to facilitate its integration into the existing software.

Conducting research to determine the most suitable solutions for the company is also a part of their job. They also ensure performance optimization and security of blockchain applications.

Requirements and Qualifications

It is essential to list the skills and qualifications you require in your blockchain developers. Here are some key skills that recruiters look for:

  • A solid grip on blockchain basics: Skilled blockchain developers understand cryptography, blockchain rules, agreement methods, data safety techniques, and ways to structure data.
  • Proficiency in programming languages: A blockchain developer is proficient in various programming languages. This includes web development ones like HTML and CSS, as well as blockchain-specific languages like JavaScript, Python, and Solidity.
  • Experience in developing smart contracts and decentralized applications: Smart contracts are a part of blockchain developer jobs, so candidates must know their technicalities. They must also have experience in handling the user interface and setting rules for dApps.
  • Understanding of DevOps: They should be able to code, conduct code assessments, and create efficient and secure software.

Analytical and problem-solving skills: They must think analytically and find solutions for problems that arise during the development process.

  • Communication and collaboration: Blockchain developers often work with a team of professionals. So good communication and collaboration skills are a must.
  • Awareness of new trends: Since the technology is continuously evolving, blockchain developers should know about upcoming trends to stay relevant.

Things To Avoid

Lastly, here are some mistakes that you should avoid:

  • Don’t be vague about your requirements. Mention the skills and experience you are looking for.
  • Looking for an all-rounder is a good move. But you should focus more on finding the specific skill-set for the role. Highlight the skills that are crucial for your project.
  • It is also a big mistake to skip what makes your company special. Dangle your work culture, flexibility, and any other distinguishing factors as bait to attract skilled professionals.
  • Don’t forget to clearly outline the job expectations.
  • Also be clear about salary and compensation. Being coy about these matters will push the applicants away.

The Bottom Line

These were the nuts and bolts of writing an effective job description. Be clear and concise about your requirements as well as the job expectations. Once you have compiled the job post, publish it on various job boards as well as your website. You can also post it on blockchain communities and forums to get in touch with professionals who are passionate about the field.

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