Building Your Dream Team

Building Your Dream Team: How Companies can Benefit from the Talent Profile View Feature on

Finding the right talent in the dynamic world of web3 and blockchain is important for the success of any crypto company. Recruiters and hiring managers have to tackle challenges like attracting qualified candidates who not only have the right skills and experience but also have the drive for innovation and growth. just made the recruitment process easier with its newest feature called the Talent Profile View feature, which allows companies to get valuable insights into potential candidates and gives greater visibility to talents to showcase their skills and expertise. 

What is the Talent Profile View Feature on

The Talent Profile View feature on allows companies to unlock the complete profiles of talents they are interested in. Normally, only limited information about potential candidates is available for the companies to view. This information includes the talent name, job category, location, work flexibility and the basic summary. Important details such as past experiences, educational qualifications, certifications and skills are blurred out. 

talented profiles
By default, companies will only be able to view limited talented profiles.

This holistic view of a talent profile allows recruiters to gain a deeper understanding of a candidate’s capabilities and assess them more effectively. As a result, companies can make more informed hiring choices and make job offers to the most suitable candidates. 

How to use the Talent Profile View Feature on

To view the complete and comprehensive talent profile, companies will need to subscribe to the Talent Profile View service. To do this, you will have to upgrade to our premium or featured services. This can be done while posting a new crypto job or by upgrading an existing one. 

upgrade an existing job
Companies can upgrade an existing job.
upgrade when posting a new job
Companies can also upgrade when posting a new job.

Once you have purchased a service of your choice, you will be able to view the complete profiles of talents and make more well-informed hiring decisions. In addition to that, companies will also be able to directly message these talents and initiate a conversation with them!

unlock complete talent profiles
Once a company has upgraded, they will be able to unlock complete talent profiles according to their premium package.
remaining talent profile views from the profile menu
Companies can check their remaining talent profile views from the profile menu.

It is important to note here that companies will only be able to view talent profiles that are public. However, if you wish to view the complete details of a talent who has not made their profile public, you can always send them an invitation to apply to your Web3 job post. Once they apply, you will be able to see their details through the job application.    

If you want to revisit a talent profile that you have already viewed, you can do that as well. Simply go to the profile menu and click on profile views where you will see a list of talents profile views – talents whose profiles you have already unlocked to view. Here in this listing, you can also search for talents, by location, by category and so on. Filters are also available here to make this list of viewed talents easier to use and help you find your ideal talents quicker!

For talents, it is important to note that your complete data will only be shown to employers if you consent to it – a consent disclaimer would be shown to talents when they log in, so you can choose how you want to use your talent profile.

Benefits of the Talent Profile View on

The Talent Profile View feature is beneficial for both companies and talents. For companies, it offers the following benefits:

Enhanced recruitment process

The Talent Profile View feature on is designed to enhance the recruitment process for companies by giving them a comprehensive overview of the experience, skills and qualifications of potential candidates. 

Streamlines communication 

Companies can directly message the talents whose profiles they unlock with the Talent Profile View feature. This allows for smoother and quicker communication between the talent and the company and results in more streamlined hiring. 

Gain valuable insights

In addition to viewing a potential candidate’s basic information, the Talent Profile View feature provides companies with valuable insights into a candidate’s capabilities through the employment history and education sections. This allows companies to get a better understanding of each potential candidate’s abilities and enables them to make more informed hiring decisions. 

If you are a talent, you can benefit from the increased visibility that your profile gets every time a company views your complete profile – it means that your profile has caught the attention of potential employers!

The Talent Profile View feature on is not just a tool, it is your gateway to unlock the true potential of talents and streamline the process of recruitment in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry!