Essential Skills to Consider When Hiring a Web3 Content Writer

Recruiting Guide: Essential Skills to Consider When Hiring a Web3 Content Writer

Web3 content writers are becoming necessary for any business that wants to thrive and survive. In this digital era, online presence for any company or brand is a must, and content writers play a vital role in this quest.

Only the best content writer can compose the right words to set your business apart from the others and elegantly summarize your fundamentals. This creative individual can take your ranking from the top 50 to the top 5 Web3 companies. All you have to do is find the right content writer for your company.

While plenty of exceptional Web3 content writers are out there, not all are suitable for a particular business. One might write excellently for Bitcoin, while another may craft great content for Ethereum. It all comes down to knowing what you want—what soft and hard skills your Web3 company’s content writer should possess? Let us help!

8 Essential Skills to Consider When Hiring a Web3 Content Writer

Hiring the correct candidate among masses of Web3 content writers can be pretty daunting. However, knowing specifically what you want can help you significantly. Although there are several skills you can consider when hiring a Web3 content writer, here are the eight essential ones:


An adaptive individual can thrive in a myriad of environments, including the Web3 industry. An adaptable Web3 content writer understands clients’ needs, such as tone, voice, design, etc.

The Web3 content writer should understand what their audience wants and deliver accordingly. Your adaptability plays a major role in this, allowing you to use various approaches to reach a single goal – brand success.

Adaptability allows the Web3 content writer to showcase their company’s principles while also engaging the audience positively. A content writer may be able to write the most technical content for a car. However, they must adapt to a different tone when discussing a topic like Bitcoin or decentralized apps.

Time Management

A Web3 content writer could produce the best content on the market, but if it isn’t written within the given time, it may never be published at all. Time management is useful in all fields and businesses, allowing corporate professionals to run multiple projects at once.

A good Web3 content writer should set suitable deadlines and stick to them regardless of whom and what they are working for. The deadlines should be appropriate and practical, giving sufficient time to both the employer and content writer to think and implement their ideas in the best way possible.

Many Web3 content writers work as freelancers. However, this is no excuse for unnecessary delays and mistakes. Both the employer and Web3 content writer should mutually agree on the desired end result and allow ample time for it.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

A Web3 content writer should not merely present facts and associated problems but also ways to approach them along with their solutions. The ideal Web3 content writer is expected to know enough about their niche to identify problems and come up with practical solutions. They should also know that one solution may not be suitable for everyone due to reasons such as finances, availability of tools, etc. Therefore, the Web3 content writer can write about two or more solutions for a single problem for more audience inclusivity.

Grammar and Vocabulary

One of the least flattering things a content writer can do is write content with a great number of grammatical and vocabulary mistakes. A fine Web3 content writer knows their grammar well and uses the right vocabulary, adding appropriate words when needed.

While high-level vocabulary words are impressive, cramming up too many unnecessarily may get the reader off-topic. The aim here is to write exceptional quality Web3 content with the right grammar and vocabulary while also getting the message across clearly.

Good Research

If you are having trouble finding a Web3 content writer who specializes in your field, do not fret. Most well-versed content writers are excellent researchers and create content only after extensive research. They can write about a wide variety of topics, from cryptocurrency to fashion and cars to politics.

With good research skills under your belt, your Web3 content writer should be able to understand the company’s fundamentals and know what to highlight in what post. Likewise, they should know when to mention a point backed by genuine research conducted over several years with numbers and statistics when needed.

SEO and Smart Content Strategy

Even if you have a fine, well-researched piece containing all relevant information and statistics, but nobody reads it due to low Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking, it does not matter.

All professional content writers are trained to use SEO tools for better Google ranking, so that your page appears higher than others offering similar content. To do this, the Web3 content writer may add keywords frequently used in the Google search engine. Once the reader has landed on your page, the content should be convincing enough for call to action (CTA).

Creative Writing

Creative, logical content is what catches the eye and motivates the reader to keep on reading. A good Web3 content writer should be able to use the right amount of humor at the relevant place.

Similarly, correct content placement and effective yet interactive communication between the writer and reader are two other strategies you can incorporate into your writing. A creative piece can also increase your chances of success.

If writing is not your cup of tea, you may also consider having your content written from a ghost writer.


The right edits make all the difference. It may be hard to believe, but regardless of the expertise, most times, a content writer shooting off the first draft for approval may not be the best choice.

Your Web3 content writer should consider reviewing and editing (if needed) your writing pieces before submission. This includes elements like spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and tone of sentences. A quick read and simultaneous fix of a written file can prevent the Web3 content writer from making a lot of mistakes.

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