Hiring Guide - 7 Skills to Look for in A Customer Service Agent

Hiring Guide – 7 Skills to Look for in a Customer Service Agent

Customer service holds paramount importance in the Web3 industry, especially now that it is finally gaining traction and acceptance by the general public. The Web3 industry is inherently tough, and retaining customers has become one of the key concerns for organizations. In fact, many businesses face early demise in the competitive market due to inadequate customer service.

When a single customer is dissatisfied, it can trigger a chain reaction of discontent, leading to the loss of existing clients and deterring potential ones. It is crucial to recognize that the success of a business hinges on excellent customer service, and achieving this excellence requires skilled individuals.

In this article, we will delve into seven essential skills to consider when hiring a customer service agent for your Web3 business. These skills play a vital role in ensuring customer satisfaction and, consequently, the prosperity of your business.

What Does a Web3 Customer Service Job Consist of?

While we can go on about the importance of customer service and its impact on Web3 businesses, we need to understand what the role calls for. A Web3 customer service agent is someone responsible for listening, suggesting, and resolving customer queries.

This requires a great deal of patience and empathy from the person taking this role, where they need to provide satisfactory solutions to the customer while also ensuring no major loss is incurred by the business.

Customer service roles have undergone significant evolution since their inception. In the past, customer service agents were confined to sitting in front of a row of computers, but now, they are engaged in remote customer service jobs as well. Furthermore, the mode of addressing queries has shifted from traditional phone calls to handling emails and chats.

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Skills to Keep an Eye For When Hiring a Customer Service Agent

When seeking to recruit the ideal Web3 customer service employee for your business, it is crucial to assess their skills in the field. You can opt to employ experienced Web3 customer service agents or choose to onboard fresh candidates and train them to meet your specific requirements. Regardless of the approach you choose, there are seven essential skills that every Web3 customer service professional should have:

1. Active Listening

Half of the issues that customers experience can be resolved by being an active listener. By being an active listener, your employee can not only resolve the issue quickly but also increase the customer satisfaction level. While there is always room for error, active listening makes it easier for the customer service agent to resolve the issues and provide a timely solution.

2. Tech-Savviness

With digitalization becoming a part of every aspect of our lives, we are looking to interact with complex devices and platforms on a daily basis. Plus, considering the complexities of blockchain technologies, a Web3 customer service agent needs to be tech-savvy or at least proficient in the products the company is selling. This holds especially true in the case of a remote customer service job where your business may not provide training on-site; hence, a candidate who is already well-versed in technology is the right fit.

3. Problem-Solving

Customer service jobs require a great deal of tackling and people handling, which is why having excellent interpersonal skills is very important. From the most docile to the most aggravating ones, a Web3 customer service agent needs to know how to deal with everyone. This is where the problem-solving capabilities of a candidate shine. While you can have a set of answers and FAQs ready to help you out in a pinch, the customer service agent should be ready to think outside the box at all times if the need arises.

4. Ability to Work Under Pressure

Some customer service queries can be time-sensitive, especially in the case of a very agitated customer. While errors in products or services are not the faults of customer service agents, they are the ones dealing with them, which requires them to come up with solutions under a great deal of pressure. Those who do not possess this ability often find themselves relying on others and are not fit for the role.

5. Empathy

Many people consider active listening to be the same as showing empathy. However, the two are not mutually inclusive. A customer service agent can be a good listener but can also lack the empathy required by the role, and this can be obvious at a glance. Employees need to be able to respond to customers in a way that makes them feel understood, as customers value how they are treated.

6. Thirst for Knowledge

Delivering an exceptional Web3 customer service experience is only possible when individuals are thoroughly familiar with your company’s products and services. When clients seek assistance with an issue and their sole point of contact is the customer service agent, a lack of knowledge on the agent’s part can worsen the situation. This is why customer service agents must show interest in the products and services offered and continuously update themselves regarding any changes.

7. Following-up

One of the neglected skills, following up on a customer query distinguishes a great customer service agent from a mediocre one. Many believe that resolving an issue concludes their responsibility, but customer service is synonymous with going the extra mile, which involves reaching out to confirm satisfaction with the provided solution.

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