How to Grow a Successful Career as a Community Manager

How to Grow a Successful Career as a Community Manager?

Every profession requires continuous learning to grow, and community management is no different. However, there comes a time when every professional feels like there is no more room for growth and they have reached a standstill. Everyday tasks can begin to seem redundant and too easy. You might start to feel like your professional trajectory has become cyclic because of the day-to-day pattern. This is where you need to become introspective and work on yourself, as opportunities do not come to those who wait, but rather those who try.

If you resonate with this feeling, then continue reading our blog in which we will discuss how you can grow a successful career as a community manager.

Develop a Timeline

Every career path requires you to conduct an in-depth analysis of where you are, and what you want to achieve. You cannot simply wish to grow when you are not aware of your professional standing. Growth can mean promotion, a title change, or even more responsibility.

The second stage of making a timeline is adding goals. Growth can be achieved but when do you want to achieve it? Set dates, for example, you can say you want your salary to increase by 2% in 2024. This is a good example as it clearly highlights what growth looks like to you and also when you want to achieve it.

This advice is not just for those already working as community managers, but also for those who have not begun their careers yet and are looking for community manager jobs.

Practice Your Tasks

A great way to become successful in your field is application-based learning. Where theoretical knowledge ends, practical learning should come into play. Many overlook the importance of applying their learned skills in daily scenarios.

For community managers or aspiring community managers, this could mean having a side platform that is your very own casual test run on things you have learned or are learning. This provides you space to make mistakes without causing any issues for your employer. Side communities can be about anything, from games to hobbies. However, here you are the boss of your empire.

This cannot be applied to work-related communities as those communities are strictly regulated down to the tiniest of details. You are the face of the brand when you work as a community manager for a company and that gives you very little room for mistakes.

Continue to Learn

Trends are always changing, which means there is always something new to explore and learn. Although not all trends stick around, many do shape how we interact on a daily basis. Community managers are always expected to be on top of these trends, especially on social platforms where trends can emerge out of nowhere within seconds.

Why are trends so important, you may ask? It is because trends show relevancy. When your community can relate to your engagement on a personal level, it fosters a feeling of familiarity, which is the main purpose of every community management job out there.

The best way to keep yourself updated on new changes is through being active on social platforms. On the other hand, if you are the studious type, you can benefit from conferences, workshops, and webinars on how you can stay on top of the trends.

Enhance Your Skills

Where you might think being in the industry for 5+ years or even 3 years is enough time to hone your skills, you are wrong. Soft skills and technical skills are always evolving, just like trends.

Your forte when it comes to being a community manager might stem from your ability to empathize with the community members, but you could be severely lacking when it comes to moderation and leadership tasks. Sometimes, these two skills are intertwined, where you need to be empathetic but also steadfast when it comes to conflict resolution.

Therefore, it is pivotal that you provide yourself the opportunity to enhance these soft skills if a successful career in community management is what you are looking for.


In conclusion, creating a successful career as a community manager demands continuous growth and adaptability. In the realm of community management, where daily tasks can become routine, it is essential to break the monotony and strive for professional evolution.

A thriving career as a community manager requires a proactive and introspective approach. By developing a clear timeline, embracing application-based learning, staying informed about trends, and consistently enhancing skills, community managers can navigate the evolving landscape of their profession and unlock new avenues for growth.

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