How to Get an Entry-Level Web3 Data Scientist Job in 2024

How to Get an Entry-Level Web3 Data Scientist Job in 2024

Data science has become an important part of the Web3 industry and its rapidly expanding technology. In fact, it is one of the areas that has advanced the fastest in recent years. The appeal of data science is not only its capacity for innovative problem-solving and significant effect but also its bright future.

This guide will examine the wide range of entry-level data science jobs in the Web3 industry. It is designed to provide you with the knowledge and techniques required to land an entry-level Web3 data scientist job in 2024. We have highlighted the qualifications and experiences that companies find most valuable. This guide will help you how you can curate a career in data science in the ever-evolving Web3 industry.  

Education Requirements for a Role in Data Science

A post-graduate degree in a quantitative discipline greatly increases your chances of success. The most popular majors in this field are computer science and statistics. Apart from having the necessary degree, it is also essential to have the necessary experience credentials.

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Steps to Take to Land an Entry-Level Data Scientist Job

There are many pathways to beginning your career as a fresh graduate within the field of Web3 data science; we will cover some essential tips to help you get started.

Build a Robust Foundation:

Start by laying a solid foundation in programming, statistics, and mathematics. Pay special attention to learning Python. Investigate several options, such as boot camps, online courses, or university courses, in order to gain the foundational knowledge required for a thorough comprehension of programming and data analysis.

Take Part in Practical Projects:

Develop a strong portfolio by regularly working on real-world projects on sites such as GitHub. Demonstrate your expertise in data analysis, cleansing, and visualization methods using concrete examples. This concrete proof of your talents gives prospective employers a strong impression of your abilities.

Acquire Online Certifications:

To strengthen your resume, go for the online certification programs provided by edX, Coursera, and DataCamp. These credentials act as proof of your abilities, setting you out on resumes and increasing your authority in the data science industry.

4 Entry-Level Data Scientist Jobs

There are a plethora of opportunities for individuals looking to start their careers in data science. This is an overview of four entry-level jobs designed to help you get started in this exciting field.

1. Intern Data Scientists

As an intern, you will begin your data science adventure under the guidance of seasoned experts, developing your abilities and obtaining real-world experience.


Interns in Web3 data science often work on projects like statistical analysis, data and cleansing, and supporting the creation of new algorithms and machine learning models. They could also help create data visualizations that highlight conclusions drawn from data analysis. Opportunities to work on specialized analytics projects catered to the unique requirements of the host organization may also be presented by some internships.

2. Junior Data Scientist

As a novice in the field of data science, junior data scientists learn how to gather, examine, and present data for the benefit of others.


Young data scientists perform the same tasks as senior data scientists in analyzing, reporting, and disseminating the analysis’s findings. However, a young Web3 data scientist is less likely to be in charge of projects, which is the difference. Additionally, it is less probable that they have experience with sophisticated machine-learning models or big datasets.

3. Data Analyst

Tasked with interpreting and analyzing data to enable well-informed decision-making, data analysts play a crucial role at the entry level of organizations.


Their responsibilities frequently include data cleansing, data visualization, and basic statistical analysis. By doing these duties, they take useful information out of unprocessed data and set the foundation for strategic planning and well-informed decision-making inside the company.

4. Junior Data Engineer

Fresh out of a data science curriculum, a junior Web3 data engineer is excited to use what they have learned in practical situations. They are driven to obtain real-world experience in the industry whether they are employed full-time, part-time, or as interns.


This position requires a thorough comprehension of the technical aspects of data, including the procedures involved in data collection, storage, and analysis. Compared to their senior peers, junior data engineers typically work on smaller-scale open-source projects and take on fewer responsibilities.

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