Social Media Marketing Career Opportunities

Top Social Media Marketing Career Opportunities in 2024

Social media is no longer just Facebook, Instagram, and (formerly Twitter). It has led to the birth of numerous careers and applications that are currently dominating the world of social media. It has become an important part of countless businesses for increasing awareness and sales.

Brands and companies are relying on social media for most of their profits, influencing customers and staying atop the current hardcore competition in all fields. HubSpot has shared in 2014 that 92% of the marketers believe social media can make or break their businesses. Among this, 80% of marketers believe social media is the main contributor of traffic to their web pages.

Social media also plays a critical role in how masses view and invest in cryptocurrencies. Positive or negative comments about the trending cryptocurrencies can have a cascading effects, leading to the rise or fall of shares within a few minutes.

Therefore, plenty of crypto businesses assess social media to check how many sales they have made in a particular period. This further leads to numerous social media marketing career opportunities. Such practices drive short and long-term price changes, affecting selling decisions and purchases.

How Social Media Marketing Can Influence Crypto Businesses

With increasing competition, many believe merely having a website is not enough. Marketers and other business experts believe professionals with extensive social media knowledge can help boost sales and improve overall performance. This is where social media marketers come in – they may work on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and (Twitter) to increase a business’s popularity.

Since social media has become an integral part of the crypto industry, social media career opportunities are rising daily. However, salaries differ from region to region, with most averaging $70,000 to $80,000 per year. Moreover, cryptocurrencies and their demand in the country can also affect monthly wages.

Let’s take a closer look at the top social media marketing opportunities you can avail yourself of for lucrative careers.  

Top Social Media Marketing Opportunities in 2024 for Building a Crypto Career

Here is a list of the top social media marketing opportunities you can opt for to start your crypto career:

Social Media Marketing Manager ($47,500 – 95,500 yearly)

Being a crypto social media marketing manager means you will be at the forefront of your brand in terms of marketing and advertising. You will be expected to collaborate with the clients and communicate with the customers via the various social media platforms.

If you are enthusiastic about using social media to generate sales and profits, the social media marketing manager job is for you. The professional is expected to come up with innovative ways to add to the brand’s popularity, turn potential clients into regular customers, and develop trust into the brand’s concepts and products.

Moreover, knowledge about the various cryptocurrencies can help gain further customer trust.

A good social media marketing manager showcases skills like creative writing, critical thinking and problem-solving, and quick learning. They are expected to interact with customers online and, occasionally, in person (which may be a requirement for some brands).

Relevant experience in advertising, marketing, or public relations is highly helpful. The social media marketing manager should have great control over words in speaking and writing terms and be involved in writing, reviewing, and analyzing all posts before they are uploaded.

Social Media Marketing Executive ($100,000 – $130,000 yearly)

A social media marketing executive contributes considerably to maintaining the brand’s footprint, creating awareness, developing social media campaigns, and monitoring reactions to its products and services. They actively monitor all that is going on all the various media platforms, like Facebook and Google Plus, to maintain the brand’s online profile. They are also involved in designing posts about various cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, to increase awareness.

A social media marketing executive is expected to strategically increase the company’s visibility on different social media platforms. They also report on competitors’ offers, trends, and success rates to improve performance.

The social media marketing executive creates, reviews, edits, publishes and analyzes the shared content periodically to build meaningful connections and resolve any issues in a timely manner. They also structure and implement multiple strategies to stay ahead of competing brands.

Social media marketing executives are involved in research, messaging, platform determinations, identification of target audience, and benchmarking. Moreover, tasks like creating and optimizing the brand’s pages across social media are the responsibility of the marketing team, mainly led by the social media marketing executive.

Social Media Marketing Analyst ($53,747 – $103,000 yearly)

Another noticeably essential role is that of a crypto social media marketing analyst. The social media marketing analyst is responsible for comprehending the existing and upcoming social media marketing trends. Their critical skills and effective strategy planning can help brands prevent several mishaps in the long run.

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A social media marketing analyst is expected to head the company’s qualitative and quantitative measurements, mainly influenced by the products’ or services’ performance over social platforms.

They may be involved in handling customer complaints and providing appropriate support. The social media marketing analyst is involved in projects such as email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), crypto strategies, ads and commercials, and other means of sales generation.

A social media marketing analyst possesses skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creative thinking, feedback and review, leadership, and effective communication.

Social Media Marketing Specialist ($47,500 – $95,500 yearly)

A social media marketing specialist can completely turn things around for a brand or company. This is why working for this position requires relevant experience in marketing or advertising and a certain set of skills to counter any challenges.

The social media marketing specialist role mostly comes with a handsome salary package. However, the skilled professional must also showcase how they can use company resources, sometimes very limited, in the best possible ways.

A social media marketing specialist is involved in creating, optimizing, and managing social media campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and They possess both creative and analytical skills that help them get most assigned tasks done.

With their proven leadership expertise and intellectual curiosity, social media marketing specialists can often bring in a drastic amount of sales. Showcasing exceptional communication skills is necessary for a social media marketing specialist since they mainly contact stakeholders and clients. The social media marketing specialist is mostly updated about budgets, set timelines, reports, and future plans to stay atop their game.

A social media marketing coordinator primarily manages and oversees the various teams facilitating the brand’s online visibility. They are kept abreast of the company’s needs for an uninterrupted workflow.

Social Media Marketing Coordinator ($47,500 – $95,500 yearly)

A social media marketing coordinator’s responsibilities include formatting social media strategies, marketing existing and upcoming campaigns, and increasing the brand’s awareness.

They manage multiple projects without missing any deadlines. Involved in development and implementation of social media tactics, they are fully aware of the brand’s tweets, updates, and posts across social media platforms.

The social media marketing coordinator facilitates the recruiting and sales teams to bring in the right candidates who can contribute to boosting sales. Staying updated regarding clients’ statuses and working with the administration for event handling and other work also fall under a social media marketing coordinator’s job description.

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