Average Product Manager Salary in 2024

Average Product Manager Salary in 2024

Ever thought about the products we use every single day? Be it a coffee maker dripping your morning pick me up or digital software in your phone, every product around us is designed to work impeccably. But how do they come about? It all starts with an idea that inspires product creation. This product is then tested and analyzed by customer outreach, and their feedback is incorporated to make its functionality seamless. Eventually, the product will be launched into the market, where it will be accessible to all.

This entire process is overseen by a product manager whose job is to make sure that the product they launch meets the quality standards and the public demand. Even in the Web3 sphere, the role of a product manager is very important. Since Web3 projects grow through peer-to-peer interaction, the Web3 product manager oversees the entire product development process, ensuring that it meets the needs and expectations of users in the decentralized technology space. All these are high-level responsibilities that require organization, planning, and marketing. So, what do these professionals get in return? In this guide, we provide a complete breakdown. Have a look!

The Scope of Web3 Product Management Jobs

The Web3 product management jobs come with a wide range of responsibilities and tasks. At its core, Web3 product management is about the development and launch of Web3 projects and services. The process entails various job roles with different responsibilities and focuses. While they all share the common goal of delivering valuable products to customers, each of these roles requires a unique set of skills and expertise. Hence, they are all compensated accordingly. For example, the salary range for a Product Management Specialist is $56,500 to $116,000 per year, but for VP Product Managers, it starts at $188,500.

Product Manager Salary

The product managers across various positions earn from $55,000 to $200,000+ per year. Their average salary is $127,500, double of the national average at $59,384. They are offered competitive salaries because of their role in making products successful.  

A product manager is paid well and has a high level of job satisfaction. This is a reason why product management jobs are coveted. It is included in the top ten best jobs in the United States. However, its salary range varies with experience, industry, and location.

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Factors Impacting Web3 Product Manager Salary

Web3 product management is a sound field to consider as a career. It is a safe bet because the field is continuously growing. Its evolution will challenge your skills, knowledge, and abilities, so you should stay updated with trends as they emerge. It will help you stay relevant and earn a handsome income for your services. Let’s look at some other factors that influence a product manager’s salary:

Experience And Position

Your experience in the field determines your level of seniority. It is a significant factor that drives a product manager’s salary to a large degree. Here are some product manager job positions and their annual salary:

  • Associate Product Manager: This entry-level position is for fresh graduates who want to pursue product management as a career. Their average annual salary is between $58,000 and $117,000 per year.
  • Product Manager: Most associate product managers become product managers after working for three to five years. They make between $78,000 and $154,000 annually.
  • Senior Product Manager: Senior product managers handle multiple projects at the same time. Their salary range is even higher at $97,000 to $185,000 per year.
  • Director of Product Management: They lead teams of product managers and make between $123,000 and $213,000 per year.
  • VP of Product Management: This leadership role is about handling a company’s product vision. They make between $130,000 and $254,000 per year.
  • Chief Product Officer: This role is exclusive to large enterprise organizations. They ensure that product development is going in the right direction, earning between $130,000 and $274,000 per year.


Your educational qualifications also impact the pay you are offered. If you are properly qualified, you will be offered a higher salary. The rule also applies to Web3 product manager jobs. Fresh graduates with degrees in computer science, finance, or business are hired for entry-level roles, making about $101,000 per year.

Postgraduates with MBA degrees can be hired straight for product manager positions. They earn about $108,000 in product management per year.


Location is another factor that brings about a variation in Web3 product manager salaries. You are likely to earn more in tech hub areas such as New York or San Francisco. Similarly, the cost of living also determines your compensation. Candidates living in areas with higher living costs are likely to ask for higher compensation.

The demand for talent in a particular geographical location also determines how much salary candidates are offered.


Some industries have a lot of products to go around. That’s why they tend to pay a higher salary to their product management team. Industries like fintech, supply chain, and healthcare have a high demand for decentralized technology talent, so they offer a competitive pay that attracts top talent. Some companies that offer the highest pay are:

  • Facebook: $233,000
  • Amazon: $175,000
  • Microsoft: $219,000
  • Salesforce: $176,000
  • LinkedIn: $216,000
  • Google: $218,000

Final Words

As you can see, product managers often get a higher salary than their peers. The career prospects are also bright because consumers will always need products. If you are looking to start a sound career with good pay, Web3 product management is the perfect pathway to take. Your education, experience, and location will shape the offer you get, but with strong communication and negotiation, you can score a good deal for yourself.

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